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Sandos Monaco Recognized as an Eco-Friendly Hotel

Promoting Sustainability in Benidorm

Our hotels are known for their awareness in environmental care, a job that falls on the shoulders of everyone. For this very reason, we’re thrilled to announce that Sandos Monaco has once again received the coveted Travelife Gold Certification.

What does this mean? Our hotel, situated in Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca, has been awarded the highest score given by the Travelife agency, an award given to businesses for excellence in environmental, economic and social impact. This certification is the result of fulfilling 150 sustainability criteria, which include points like waste product reduction and energy use, as well as prevention of workplace risks and actions within the local community.

Sandos Monaco - Gold Travelife
Sandos Monaco – Gold Travelife

A Diverse Staff

Sandos Monaco Beach Hotel & Spa is proudly in line with human values and equal opportunity employment. For example, our employees come from a total of 11 different countries. More than half of the staff is made up of women, and most of our staff is within age ranges that have difficulty finding work. We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset, which is why we go above and beyond in programs that prevent workplace risks and ensure the safety and health of our workers.

Staff Bendidorm hotel

Recycling and Energy Saving

When it comes to saving energy, our Benidorm hotel improves its levels year after year. The winter and spring months have the best results, with April taking the lead. For water use, the hotel has water-saving systems throughout the property, with solar panels for our sanitary water and for our beautiful spa. We also have performance measuring systems in place for our solar panels, allowing us to have even better energy control.

One of the most important ways to reduce water use is through our towel washing system, which has maintained similar levels to previous years thanks to our voluntary towel control system that we began in 2011. This policy has been well-received by our guests, who are informed that they can reuse their towels after the first day.

When it comes to recycling, Sandos Monaco plans to increase its recycling by 50% each year. (In paper and glass, we have reached over a pound per guest per stay!) In order to fulfill this goal, we depend on creating awareness among our guests; upon their arrival, they’re told the locations of the recycle bins for paper, glass, cans and batteries.

Supporting the Benidorm Community

In addition to caring for the environment, Sandos Monaco also strengthens knowledge about the local culture among our guests. We organize tours through iconic parts of the city, like the Casco Antiguo, where they learn all about the ancient and recent history of Benidorm.

Casco Antiguo tour Benidorm

Not only that, but the hotel has also been participating in local charity work for years, like the annual party for Centro Doble Amor and a toy drive for underprivileged children in Benidorm alongside the San Francisco de Asis parish last Christmas.

Benidorm toy drive

For Sandos Monaco, receiving the Travelife Gold Certification means a commitment to the environment and the community: something we strive for every day with the hope of achieving even better results with each passing year.

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