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Our 3 Favorite Moments from the Sandos Spring Equinox

Posted on 3 m read

Welcoming the Spring, Mayan-Style

If you have ever stayed at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, you know just how much we love nature and Mayan culture. The Spring Equinox is an important date that gives us the chance to celebrate the sun and the earth, as well as the Mayan heritage from this stunning region known as the Riviera Maya. This year, we took full advantage of the opportunity to honor this important day.

The Spring Equinox falls every March 21, and this date holds great significance in the Mayan calendar. On this day, the sun is situated just over the equator, and they day lasts exactly as long as the night. For the ancient Mayans, this date represents the beginning of the season for sowing the fields, making it the perfect time to think about new beginnings in our lives.

So on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, we celebrated the Spring Equinox alongside our guests, offering them a day filled with parties, meditation, food and culture in the Riviera Maya. During this event, we experienced some truly incomparable memories that we’ll never forget. Our favorite moments from the Spring Equinox at Sandos Caracol were:

Beach meditation Playa del Carmen

1. Sunrise Meditation

There’s no better way to welcome the sun and the spring than with a meditation session at sunrise. At 7 am on the morning of March 21, we gathered with our guests on the resort’s beach to meditate and receive the benefits of the equinox, with a relaxing view of the Caribbean Sea. It was wonderful to begin our celebrations for the Spring Equinox with a natural setting you can only find in the Riviera Maya.

Mayan warriors Riviera Maya

2. Mayan-Style Flashmobs

We love preparing surprises for our guests! Throughout the day, we set up flashmobs in different parts of the hotel, with Mayan dances and other fun details. Flashmobs are organized dances done as a surprise in a public location, and we surprised our guests with performances in the lobby, at the Royal Elite pool, and in La Laguna restaurant.

Mayan village kids

3. Celebrating with local Mayans

At Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, we work hand-in-hand with the local community to benefit Mayan villages and to give our guests the chance to interact with the people from this beautiful region. For the Spring Equinox, we invited people from the Mayan village of Señor to share their fascinating culture with us. We had a reenactment of an authentic Mayan village, traditional dances and delicious Mayan cooking. Thanks to the people of Señor for opening their hearts and showing us a taste of their culture!

Mayan cuisine tortillas

In addition to these three incredible activities, we also celebrated the Spring Equinox at Sandos Caracol with many more activities. We organized eco tours through the resort’s jungles and mangrove, in addition to an outdoor dinner with stands of Mexican cuisine, a big daytime fiesta on the beach, representations of historic Mayan art, and a Mayan show in the theater as the grand finale.

If you want to see more of how we celebrated the Spring Equinox at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, just hit play on this video:

And you can also see more photos from the event on the Sandos Caracol Facebook page.

We want to see you at our next event! We’ll be honoring the Summer Solstice on June 22, 2015, so come and experience the traditions of the Riviera Maya on this important date.

Mayan calendar Playa del Carmen events

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