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“The Last Witnesses tour”

Posted on 4 m read

The Maya tour you would love to do in Cancun and Playa del Carmen


There are thousands of things to visit, do and admire while you visit the Riviera Maya, some of the excursions you might like are adventourous, some other delightful and of course there are cultural tours you will enjoy.

If you think about it, the point of going on vacation to another country, is to learn something about the place you are visiting, and let´s face it: Mexico has some of the most emblematic cultures of all times.


What have you heard about the Mayans? Did they really dissappear and got extinct, or maybe they moved out to another planet, there are hundreds of theories but none of them are proven right?

One thing we know for sure, is that they were wise like no other and that they actually lived along nature. That is why they were so respectful to animals and mostly plants, but how do we know this? who provided this information? Well… guess what? Seems like some of those mentioned theories are not that right, as Mayan communities STILL EXIST!



Ok, so you are about to arrive to Sandos Caracol or Sandos Playacar and you are planning the perfect getaway while you are in your vacations. Then as we mentioned before, you want some adventure, but also learn about Mexico: THE LAST WITNESSES TOUR IS JUST MAGICALLY PERFECT!

But what is the Last Witnesses Tour? well keep reading to find out…


Hidden Archaeological Sites (not even on the map)



It´s 7 am but your on vacation so waking up is never a problem! Seek and Go is waiting for you at your main lobby and you start the journey, just after Tulum town, they stop to show you a hidden treasure called: “Muyil”. This jungle surrounding pyramids are so calm, green and beautiful, people actually have the time to ask, listen to the animals and watch monkeys and some other wild animals. It is not a big city like Chichen-itza, however is as beautiful as any other site.



Introducing SEÑOR



After leaving the pyramids behind and changing the scenary for a flower set up, you will arrive to “Señor” a Maya community with no more than 150 people. Marcos, our local host, will receive you with fresh fruit (later we explain you why these fruits are always different types) and organic coffe and juices.



Need a ride?



Then Marcos will show you the moto-taxi as they know them in the town, Mayans will drive you to the next stop and you will take an overall look of this pacific town, where animals and people live so peaceful, some of the visitors actually have said they would love to live in a place like this.


Organic Sowing



Listen really careful what the guides will explain you at this point. First of all because you will meet one of the oldest persons in town (more than 90 years old) and he will bless your visit with a symbolic ceremony. Right after, they will show you how they plan their meals, and lets just say, you will learn why all food in Riviera Maya tastes that good.



Stories of a wiseman



Meet the oldest man in town, he is one of the last witnesses of the Caste War in Yucatan, and has these amazing stories to tell and some other tragic experiences he and the community lived while this war which occured almost over a hundred years ago. After listening to him, we are pretty sure you will never forget his home, his pictures, his life!



More than just traditions



Before lunch, meet the showroom of this community, learn about the Melipone bee (they actually make honey that is valued in more than $2000 pesos per liter). And there is more, by going into this tour you’ll also be supporting this community.

That´s right, this tour’s cost is of $80 DLS, but with this money will be used for assisting the local schools from this community.



It is so amazing to help this beautiful community and you know, they help me too! Thanks to them I understood the value of every fruit I buy in the supermarket and also I had the time of my life with all the great anecdotes! -Visitor


Maya Cuisine



Of course you will also have the opportunity to delight yourself with this delicacy, before leaving you will eat a traditional dish made of tortillas, Chaya and organic eggs and believe us, it tastes like heaven!



You will be back in you hotel around 4:30 pm to get some rest and of course start a great night time in Sandos. If you are ready to enjoy this authentic place, contact us or just get in touch with our concierges or a Seek&Go representative at Sandos Playacar or Sandos Caracol ‘s main lobby



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