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The Benefits of Booking Your Vacation Early

Posted on 4 m read

Planning your vacation is always exciting but can also be highly stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be! Booking vacations early is becoming a growing and popular trend amongst travelers due to its added benefits over booking last minute. Learn why booking early is a great idea and how it can impact your next getaway experience. 

Lower Prices and Better Discounts 

First on the list is something everyone loves to do; save money. The main advantage of booking your getaway early is the lower prices and better discounts on flights, activities, and accommodation options. Unfortunately, last-minute vacation plans often come with marked-up fees, setting you back financially. However, you can avoid this by booking early, as many hotels offer unbeatable discounts on vacations planned later. 

Sandos Hotels & Resorts offers an extra 10% discount for travelers who book early to one of their nine all-inclusive resorts in the best beach vacation hotspots in Mexico and Spain. In addition to this, on select dates, the first child stays for free at Sandos Caracol, and the first and second child stays for free at Sandos Playacar. So you can receive all this by booking your next getaway to paradise early! But hurry, this special discount ends on March 31st, 2023. 

More Time To Research 

One of the leading reasons for booking a vacation early is a great idea because it reduces the stress you will be under to plan the ideal getaway for your family. Most of the stress related to planning your vacation is the research you must do to ensure you get the best experience possible. This includes researching accommodation options, flights, things to do while there, and information about your destination.

Booking your vacation early will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that you have thoroughly dissected every part of your getaway, reducing the chances of unwanted hiccups. So get all the research out of the way early and feel more confident in your decisions. Then, all you have to do is set your countdown and get ready to enjoy a dream-like experience in your chosen destination! 

More Options

Waiting for the last second to book your vacation can leave you with few options that fit your wants, needs, and budget. Especially during high seasons, resorts fill up quickly, and more often than not, you are either left with low-star-rated options or overly priced hotels and airfares. Planning gives you plenty of opportunities to book the best flights and hotels that will allow you to choose your vacation to the max.

Easier To Take Time From Your Day-to-Day Responsibilities 

Everyone dreams about going on vacation, escaping their daily responsibilities to take some “me time.” However, picking up and traveling isn’t always an option for many. Planning your getaway early allows you, your family, and/or travel companions to get all of your affairs in order so that you can set the dates you are going to travel without any last-minute complications that force you to postpone or cancel your trip. Ensure you enjoy time away from your daily responsibilities by booking your next getaway early. 


Planning your vacation early and knowing everything is handled is fantastic. In addition to that feeling, knowing you have a holiday on the way is excellent as it is something you can look forward to. The anticipation of an upcoming trip can be a great motivator and help boost your mood and reduce stress levels in the lead-up to your vacation.

What To Look Forward To During Your All-Inclusive Getaway 

Now that you know the many benefits of booking your vacation early, there are quite a few things to look forward to during your all-inclusive holiday, and we want to tell you a few of them. So, after you are done booking early, you can expect the following: 

Speciality Amenities and Services

During your all-inclusive vacation, you can expect to relax and have much-deserved fun. At an all-inclusive resort, everything is catered to you. No more cooking, preparing your own cocktails, or looking for ways to have fun and relax. Everything you need will be provided morning, day, and night! So, get ready to: 

New Destinations 

Out with the regular and in with the new! Your all-inclusive vacation will give you the unique opportunity and experience to travel the world, venture to exciting destinations, learn more about other cultures, and make unforgettable memories with your cherished travel companions. 

Participate in Fun Daily and Nightly Activities 

Most all-inclusive resorts have a fully developed daily and nightly entertainment program in place for the guest’s enjoyment. During the day, you can participate in activities such as volleyball, soccer, Zumba, aqua aerobics, contests against other guests, cocktail and cooking classes, and so much more. During the evening, you can be blown away by amazing performances by local artists. A perfect way to cap the day at your all-inclusive resort. 

Meet New People From Around the World 

If you are ever looking for new friends and travel companions, traveling to an all-inclusive resort is one of the best ways to find like-minded people. Get to know your fellow guests and make new memories alongside them. You may even start to plan your next vacation during your next one! 

Book Early at Sandos Hotels & Resorts 

Sandos Hotels & Resorts offers 9 amazing all-inclusive resorts situated across Mexico & Spain. Locations include: 


  • Los Cabos: Sandos Finisterra 
  • Cancun: Sandos Cancun
  • Playa Del Carmen : Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar 


  • Benidorm: Sandos Benidorm Suites and Sandos Monaco 
  • Ibiza: Sandos El Greco 
  • Lanzarote: Sandos Atlantic Gardens and Sandos Papagayo 

Remember, all nine hotels have a special extra 10% discount on reservations for early bookers! Don’t miss the opportunity to get all the planning out of the way and save big at the same time!

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