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The 3 Ecosystems at Sandos Caracol

Discovering the Riviera Maya

When you vacation in the Riviera Maya, you’ll find natural beauty like nowhere else on the planet. This travel destination is situated on the Mexican coast of the Caribbean Sea, offering its visitors stunning natural scenery to take their breath away.

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort is an all inclusive hotel in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya that has preserved the region’s natural surroundings. This property is home to a variety of ecosystems to explore during your vacation, with eco activities designed for families, couples and adventurers through our Xcalacoco Experience. During your next stay at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, discover the three ecosystems found at this gorgeous hotel.

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort jungle

The Jungle

A large part of the Sandos Caracol property is surrounded by the lush green tones of the tropical jungle. Here you can come across diverse wildlife that lives freely at the hotel, including the fascinating spider monkey. The jungles of the Riviera Maya also have a wide variety of plants and trees; the ancient Mayans in this region used the jungle’s natural resources for medicinal purposes, and they also has amazing legends about the origins of the jungle trees. During your Sandos Caracol vacation, you can explore the jungle with a bike ride on our jungle path, or by participating in our daily Eco Tour.

Riviera Maya mangrove


This unique ecosystem is essential to the Riviera Maya. Without the mangrove, we wouldn’t have the crystal clear waters or the abundant animal life found in this part of the world. The mangrove at Sandos Caracol looks like an enchanted forest, with dense canopy coverage and thousands of roots that intertwine in an unending web. Here, you’ll find families of coatis, an animal that every guest at our resort has seen! In fact, the mangrove provides a place for many animal species to live and grow, and its roots form a kind of nursery for small critters who live on land and in the ocean. Mangrove roots also serve as a filter system; the water from the region’s underground rivers filters through the mangrove roots before it reaches the sea, which is why our beaches have such clear water. The mangrove is also a natural barrier against wind and hurricanes, so it helps to prevent beach erosion and jungle destruction. This beautiful ecosystem protects all of the Riviera Maya’s natural beauty! To explore the mangrove at our resort, we recommend participating in our Jade River Adventure or booking a romantic boat ride – both of these activities are part of our all inclusive plan.

Riviera Maya resort cenote


Cenotes are a natural phenomenon that you’ll only find in this part of the world. Beneath the Riviera Maya is a huge network of underground rivers with fresh, clear water. Cenotes are natural springs formed over time, as erosion gradually exposes these rivers to the surface and creates a natural pool. At Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, we have five cenotes that we preserve in their natural state. You can even swim and snorkel in our Cenote Cristalino during your stay with us!

As you can see, the beauty of the Riviera Maya reaches far beyond its incredible beaches. Thanks to the eco activities we offer through the Xcalacoco Experience, it’s easy to learn everything you want to know about our region’s ecosystems in a fun and interactive way. To discover more about our eco activities, visit us at or book your next stay at

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  • Wendy Atkinson
    June 6, 2016

    Looking forward to our stay at your resort in August.
    Is it possible to request a room on the top floor.

    • Sandos Hotels
      July 22, 2016

      Hi Wendy!

      Please send your request to our Web Relations person Ruben: Looking forward to having you here!