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Beach Boot Camp

Posted on 2 m read

Are You Ready For Beach Boot Camp?

Work off those vacation pounds before they start with our beach boot camp! At Sandos Caracol, we’ve been working with the strong and fun-loving Playafit Worldwide team to help our guests undo all the damage done at our irresistible all inclusive restaurants and bars.

Beach Boot Camp

Playafit Worldwide owners Rita Campbell and Daniel Tomassetti have been on-site here at the resort to get guests off their beach loungers and onto the sand… and then back to their beach loungers for some push-ups. Thanks for the motivation, guys!

Morning beach boot camp

We sat down by the Sandos Caracol beach with owner Rita Campbell right before her 4:30 pm Playafit Worldwide beach workout to learn more about her unconventional but fun-filled methods. Rita is from Prince Edward Island, Canada, and she’s been vacationing in Playa del Carmen for 17 years. She started off her business in Playa doing Zumba exchange with several local resorts. Wanting to combine the popularity of bootcamp-style workouts with Playa del Carmen beaches, she then teamed up with Daniel Tomassetti to create Playafit Worldwide. So many people daydream about living and working in Playa del Carmen after their vacation, and Rita has made that dream a reality!

Over the past few weeks at Sandos Caracol, Rita and Daniel have created bootcamps, Zumba classes and even the occasional “Sandos Survivor” where the guests go head-to-head against the entertainment staff with workout contests and races.

Friendly competition

The Playafit Worldwide beach workouts aim to use the environment itself as a makeshift gym, taking advantage of the sand to create higher resistance and using beach chairs as a workout machine.

When we asked Rita if it’s better to work out on the sand, she replied, “It gives you less control and affects your balance, which means that it works different muscle groups than a traditional gym.”

We also asked for her advice on making everyday workout routines more fun. “That’s exactly it! Make it fun. With Playafit Worldwide, I wanted to take the idea of a workout party like Zumba, which is mostly cardio, and incorporate more muscle-building workouts. The beautiful beach scenery makes it even more fun.”

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