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Celebrating Christmas in Lanzarote

Celebrating Christmas

Would you like to spend a Christmas without all the snow and cold? We know that the snowy landscapes, the stockings hung over the fireplace, the scarves and the hats all remind us of Christmas. But… what if we do something different this year and escape to Lanzarote?

Celebrating Christmas

Los Ranchos de Ánimas (traveling religious choirs) are held on this beautiful island, an ancient tradition dating back to the conquest. Los Ranchos go through the streets during the year to raise funds for the prayers for the souls of the deceased.

El Rancho de Pascua de Teguise is, perhaps, the best-known of Los Ranchos, participating on December 24th. It consists of 4 parts: Corrido, a traditional song that symbolizes the march of the shepherds to Bethlehem; Salto, the dance of the shepherds; Las Deshechas, religious songs between soloists and choirs, and Las Pascuas, the songs of farewell.

Other Ranchos of Lanzarote follow their own guidelines, like St. Bartholomew. His members sang and went into the houses, where they tasted the food made by the families.

At Sandos Papagayo resort in Lanzarote, you can enjoy our Christmas Gala. For dinner on December 24th and lunch on the 25th, celebrate with our special buffet, show cooking, specialties from our Italian restaurant, and delicious desserts, as well as traditional turrón and marzipan.

We hope that you come to enjoy a warm Christmas with us!

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