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Spring Equinox at Sandos

It Begins With Sunrise

The Spring Equinox marks the day when the sun sits directly over the equator, and day and night are the same length. At 7am on the morning of March 21, guests flocked to the beach at Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort to welcome the sun and the springtime all together in a meditation session on the sand.

Spring Equinox

The rest of the day offered Sandos Caracol guests even more activities inspired by the Spring Equinox and its importance to the Mayan culture.

Spring Equinox

At midday, the people of the Mayan village of Señor awaited us in the Xcalacoco area at Plaza del Sol, the outdoor square located in the jungles of the resort. There, guests could peruse an artisan market featuring products created by local Mayan artisans. 100% of the earnings from the market are for the artisans, which they use to develop their culture and community. The local Mayans also served us all kinds of traditional local cuisine like panuchos, pibil pork and so much more.

There were even Mayan women on-site creating the handmade tortillas.

It was a true cultural experience, with guests and Sandos employees mingling with local Mayans and taking pictures of the elaborate Mayan costumes.

Blue painted faces

Nearby, the chaman from Señor village carried out a Mayan cleansing ritual by the Sacred Cenote, purifying the energies of anyone who passed.

Once the mouthwatering meal was over, the drums sounded and we all gathered around to witness a reenactment of the famous Mayan ball game. Four painted warriors battled on the court, trying to get the ball through a hoop using only their hips. The crowd let out gasps and cheers whenever the ball made it through… or almost made it through!

By late afternoon, the festivities moved to the theater area, where the people of Señor village shared their colorful culture with dancing, singing and music played on traditional instruments.

And to close out the night, we all headed back to Plaza del Sol for some stargazing, followed by the thrilling Fire of Life ceremony! Guests can enjoy this show every Saturday night at Sandos Caracol as part of the Xcalacoco Experience.

The Spring Equinox at Sandos Caracol was the first in a series of 4 events this year. For those of you who couldn’t join us for the Spring Equinox (or for those who want more!), our Xcalacoco Experience program will be hosting three additional events:

We hope to see you then!

For more information on our upcoming Xcalacoco events, stop by the Xcalacoco Experience website.

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