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A very SWEET destination wedding: Choosing the ideal wedding cake step by step

Posted on 4 m read

The perfect wedding cake


If you are about to have a destination wedding you may have some questions like, ¨How do I choose the perfect cake for my wedding?, ¨What are the cake trends for 2019?¨, or even ¨What is the ideal cake for a wedding in the Riviera Maya?¨ Don’t stress any longer because we have a list of information to help you pick the perfect cake for your perfect destination wedding! 




A wedding is something so many people dream about, and to have it in a destination like Playa del Carmen, Cancun or Los Cabos makes it feel like a dream inside of a dream! 



Now that you have chosen your wedding package at Sandos Hotels & Resorts, it’s time to choose your cake, and although each package includes a few details about the options available for the wedding cakes, we want to share some new menu options and how Sandos Weddings will customize your cake to make it the sweetest day of your life.


How big of cake do you want


Do you want to keep it simple? Or maybe you want something grand and spectacular! Well no matter what you wish, Sandos Weddings will make that wish come true by offering the choice between 1, 2, or 3 tiers of cake! All in order to ensure your journey towards designing the perfect cake starts off on the right foot! 



What Flavor of Cake are you Craving


In Sandos Playacar, Sandos Cancun, Sandos Finisterra or Sandos Caracol you can personalize your wedding cake to fit your every desire, and we continue with one of the most important decisions, the base of your cake.

You can choose from the classic flavor (but always delicious) vanilla, the taste of love (chocolate) and even a vegan cake for all our vegan Brides, Grooms, and Guests who do not want to miss the opportunity of enjoying that delicious wedding cake! 




A filling full of love 


Now, there are several fillings to choose from, so think big! You need to pick a filling that your guests will enjoy, but most importantly you need to pick a filling that you and your significant other will fall in love with just as much as when you fell in love with each other. 


If you choose traditional vanilla, you can always add a touch of freshness and distinction with some Caribbean flavors, such as guava, mango or raspberry filling … or if you want something a little bit more sensual and romantic, add a touch of chocolate, raspberry or the unparalleled mascarpone filling.



The cutest cover


You have almost finished putting together your perfect wedding cake, now, you need to choose how it will look on the outside, and we all know what that is, the famous icing.

In Sandos Hotels & Resorts you can choose between several styles, but why tell you if we can show you:



Here you and your partner can expand your wildest imaginations and choose the style at is perfect for you, which one do you like the most?


The cherry on top 


Usually, couples who get married at a destination wedding tend to add to their wedding cake something that symbolizes the place where they are, for example, in Sandos we can add a star, seashell with glaze, or natural flowers that symbolize love. We can also place a symbol that represents one’s, true love!



Decisive moment: Do I really want a cake?


Okay, so first thing´s first, it´s time to ask yourself, do I really want a cake? Maybe you want something different for your wedding, no problem; our coordinators are ready to help you with new ideas or support any ideas you already have but to give you a bit of an idea, these are two of our favorite substitutes for cakes :

  1. You can exchange your cake for cupcakes with the exact same flavor and filling you have already chosen. They’re still great for photos, and they are so delicious. You know what they say, happiness is only a cupcake away. 
  2. The second option is a dessert table. Each of your guests can choose the dessert that they desire; besides, it’s also a cute decoration and will probably end up being one of the favorite places to take pictures.


If you like any of these cake substitutes, please do not forget to contact your wedding coordinator and explain everything in detail!




During your wedding, it is very easy to get stressed and to overwork yourself in the pursuit of making sure that your wedding is absolutely perfect. One crucial thing to remember before starting your wedding plans is if you have an idea of precisely what you want from day 1 of your planning, do not think twice, your original thought is probably what you genuinely want. 

And that is why at Sandos Weddings EVERYONE is working non-stop to make sure you and all your wants are taken care of!  So if you have already started putting together ideas for your cake and wedding package in the Riviera Maya, Cancun or Los Cabos, do not hesitate to call the experts at Sandos Weddings and remember, in Sandos, we make your dreams and wishes come true.



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