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Visit Terra Natura

The city of Benidorm owns a very special zoo. It’s an interactive park where you can experience the wild life so much closer. Visit Terra Natura and feel amazed by the animals you will see there.

There are more than 1500 animals of 200 different species living in the park, some of these endangered. It also has more than 2500 types of plants, trees and bushes. The complex is divided in various sections where different regions of the globe are recreated.

The first of this zones is the entrance of the park, Pangea. Here you will learn about poisonous creatures, how they use their poison to attack or defend. Some of these animals are scorpions, snakes and multicolour frogs.

Asia is the second area in the zoo. The biggest herd of elephants in Europe can be seen in here, as well as another herd of indians rhinos (with the only one of this kind born in our continent). Some felines like tigers and leopards live in this reproduction of its own habitat.

The America’s section has a silvan atmosphere with some Maya ruins in it. It consist of a rain forest with an aviary where you can see several bird species like chachalacas, peacocks, orioles and toucans among others. In this area we will also see jaguars, monkeys and ocelots.

The last of the areas in the zoo is dedicated to Europe and it’s a little sample of the local climate, the Mediterranean. Here we can see many species of this area like deers, boars and mouflons, as well as vultures and storks. There also are donkeys and horses as a testimony of the human and animal relation.

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