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The Best Spots for Instagram at Sandos Caracol

Posted on 3 m read

You’ll be a click away from becoming an influencer

If you want to give your Instagram an upgrade during your vacation in Playa del Carmen and you don’t know how, we’re here to recommend you the best places to take selfies, or ask your personal photographer (a.k.a. your friends!) to capture your next profile picture.

You can tell someone is staying at Sandos Caracol by simply looking at their Instagram because you’ll see jungle, fun and cute selfies all over their account, since this eco resort in the Riviera Maya has it ALL! And for every style.

These are the favorite spots for different personalities and tastes. You can take everything from adventurous jungle photos to something nerdy or funny (you can even sit on a palm tree!)

Here is a list for you to see how to take better photos for your Instagram so it can look just as beautiful as our Insta.


Brazilian influencers on their last visit to Sandos Caracol

As soon as you check in, you’ll see the first selfie spot right in the lobby; of course we’re talking about the ever popular All-Nature Experience backdrop. Don’t forget to take your picture!


1. Suspension bridge

Francisca Merino on her most recent visit to Sandos Caracol

The suspension bridge is one of our guests’ favorite spots both for photographs and to watch nature shine in all its splendor.

The body of crystal clear water is surrounded by dense jungle and rock that house colorful birds and spider monkeys. We recommend visiting it at noon, when the colors of Mother Nature are at their brightest.

Here some photos of our guests enjoying the view:

2. Gazebo


In addition to being one of the most beautiful places to have your wedding, and a favorite spot for couples’ photo sessions, the gazebo on the beach is perfect from every angle you can think of.

We invite you to play with the composition of your photo and Instagram filters to make your photo more original!

3. Hammocks


Whether by the beach or next to the Cenote Cristalino, you will find an excellent jungle oasis to relax and take a picture of your perfect pedicure or even to read your favorite book in the hammock area.

Did you know that the word hammock comes from the Taíno (indigenous language of the Antilles, now extinct) and means “fishnet”? It also has its origin in the word “chinchorro”, which in the Americas means “fishing net” that was used as a hammock or bed for fishermen when they were sleeping far away from home.

Whether you’re a fisherman or not, rest assured that taking pictures in a hammock will add that Caribbean style that you can’t miss during your vacation in Playa del Carmen and it will raise your Instagram’ likes. Did someone say influencer?


4. Cenote Cristalino

Brazilian influencers Bruna Gomes and Lorrayne Mavromatis on their last visit to Sandos Caracol

If you come to Sandos Caracol, you can’t miss a visit to the Cenote Cristalino (or any of our other cenotes!) and swim, snorkel, or simply enjoy the view. And of course, take a souvenir photo so that all your followers know you are in paradise.

Cenotes are known for their cool water and enormous cultural history. Did you know that the ancient Mayas considered them sacred because they were the entrance to the underworld?

5. The bent palm tree

Natalia Téllez having fun at Sandos Caracol

The beach at Sandos Caracol  has a very special palm tree that has become a very popular photo subject due to its shape. We’re even thinking about making its own Instagram account!

This palm tree is a symbol of resilience that nature gives us, and that’s why we love it! Even filmmaker Stephen Kendrick has a very popular quote about it where he mentions that “it is an attitude and spirit of cooperation that should permeate our conversations. It is like a palm tree next to the ocean that supports the strongest winds because it knows how to bend gracefully.” Ah, beautiful.

Have you taken your perfect pictures yet? By the way, if you want to have the best professional photos for your Instagram, our friends of Photopro can help you with a photo session. Plus, we can add them to our Instagram; you just have to follow us and tag us!

Book your stay at Sandos Caracol now and show us your best selfies at #Sandos!

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