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Training Heroes to Save Animals

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort and Animal Heroes team up to protect animals

At Sandos Caracol, we’re proud to announce our collaboration with Animal Heroes, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that defends the rights of our animal friends in Mexico.

This collaboration forms part of Sandos Caracol’s numerous programs that strive to promote respect for all living beings as a step towards a more conscious and compassionate life.

Participation consists of different strategies, one of which is the placement of urns in the resort to receive guests’ donations, 100% for the Animal Heroes association.

The world faces multiple challenges for its biodiversity conservation: according to the association, Mexico is the country with more stray dogs, and only in 2016, specifically in Quintana Roo, calls for reporting animal abuse increased to 60 monthly reports.

The study called “Quintana Roo biological resources: an analysis for its conservation” establishes that in the state there are 11 animal species endangered, 15 threatened and eight subject to special protection; that is why we want to act for the animals, and we know that children and young people are the answer.

Among the efforts between Sandos Caracol and Animal Heroes, we also have an activity program called “Be a Hero”, already available at the resort so that children and teenagers have a positive impact during their vacation in the Riviera Maya.


animal heroes camiseta (8)

In addition to being fun and encouraging animal protection and respect, these activities are mainly focused on raising awareness on how important it is to care for animals. Our “heroes” are adorned as Maya warriors and princesses to help them feel like heroes from the start, taking the first step towards a more conscientious world.

After getting their warrior paint, the little ones learn more about reptiles, birds, cetaceans, sharks, and other animals; theydiscover how we can help them survive through short and enjoyable talks that are sure to keep them entertained.

Later, the kids participate in a fun and healthy competition where they have to use their new knowledge and pretend to be one of the animals, and be the first to reach the finish line!


Afterwards, our heroes will join our team to feed and take care of the animals that live at the resort; this gives them the opportunity to hear the stories of each of our rescued animals, find out what they like, and listen to some fun anecdotes; like Lupita, the blue macaw, who used to work taking souvenir photos with tourists, but now lives in peace at our eco resort.

Finally, we hold an emotional ceremony to publicly recognize those who have participated in the program and to seal a pact between heroes where they make a commitment to ensure the rights and care of animals.


On their return home, the heroes are contacted through social media to participate in pro-animal campaigns and activities.

Sandos Caracol cares deeply about the welfare of our environment, which is why we are 100% against the captivity of animals and their exploitation for profit. This is one of the ways we canraise awareness among our dear guests.

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