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How to spend winter as summer in Sandos: The complete guide

Okay, so before we get started, we are just wondering for all of those reading, what is the worst part of the cold?

No, really, we don´t know what it´s like! One of the many perks of Mexico is that it is never cold! So why settle for cold when you can have warm all year round? Hint: You shouldn´t, and we are going to tell you why!

Let´s go 



1.Better Fashion 


Okay, we aren´t judging your choice in fashion, we aren´t fashion experts or anything, but we have a pretty good feeling you didn´t buy that new swimsuit last year to wear it only for a few months! Now,  its time to unpack all of that summer clothing you started to put away and pack it up again, but this time in a suitcase! 

Well, we know our friends up north may have to dust it off first cough* cough* (Canada) because it´s been a while since it´s been warm for you, so we will wait, but it will be worth it! Especially when you are showing off that summer outfit you´ve been waiting to wear again at one of Sandos Cancun´s extravagant parties! 

2. Better Drinks



Sure, a nice cup of hot cocoa might be nice on a cold winter/fall day, but you know what´s even better? A piña colada as you relax on the beach in front of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, and trust us, there is nothing better than enjoying a cold beer on a warm Mexican afternoon! 


Just think about it, you spend the day exploring the jungle and all of its hidden wonders at Sandos Caracol, maybe meet a few monkeys, swim with some turtles, feed a donkey, and after all of that, enjoy a nice and refreshing drink underneath the sun, not even we can think of anything better!  

3. Snow is Scary and Cold 



Snow, WHERE!?! 



Oh phew, see here in Mexico our scary stories and nightmares usually have something to do about snow, so let´s just help you out on this one and let you escape it this year! 

That´s right, take off those boots and put on some sandals! It´s time for a new tradition, that includes sand angels and sandcastles instead of snow angels and snowmen, and we have the perfect place for that new tradition! Sandos Playacar, it boasts one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the world, seemingly neverending! 




4.Views For Days 

That´s right, we heard about your grey and gloomy winter/fall skies. It´s like an ex, sure it was nice, but it´s time to move on and find something better, you deserve better, and better just so happens to be the beautiful Mexican sunrises and sunsets.

Just take Sandos Finisterra for example, the perfect destination for a vacation, located on the mountainside of Los Cabos and boasts incredible sunsets every night! Even from the comfort of the dinner table as you enjoy delicious food! 



Okay, so now you may be thinking, well, all of that sounds really really nice, but we can´t just break the bank and go on a vacation whenever it gets cold…




Well, what if we told you that you didn´t have to! Sandos Hotels and Resorts constantly has incredible deals that make it so much easier for guests to enjoy affordable vacations all year round!

What do you get when you mix WInter with suMMER? Wimmer, and that is exactly one of the promotions Sandos has on RIGHT NOW! For this winter holiday, guests can receive up to 43% off and a free airport to hotel transfer! Don´t believe us, go check it out right here and escape the cold this winter!



We strongly believe that everyone deserves a warm vacation and everything good that comes along with it, so hang up that coat, grab your swimsuit, and hop on a plane because it´s time for a Mexican Getaway!  





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