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Caring For Local Animals and Wildlife

Posted on 2 m read

Local Animals and Wildlife Care

We care for local animals and wildlife, not just part of an initiative but as a value our company is built upon. At Sandos Hotels and Resorts, as part of our company’s core vision and mission, we aim to incorporate an active and comprehensive policy regarding ecological sustainability and care for our global environment. These policies include our practices towards the care of captive and wild animals that our visitors encounter on our properties.Local Animals and Wildlife

In our main eco-resort, Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Spa, all of the animals contained in enclosures, are indigenous to the region. Many of these animals suffer from poor care and ill health in both captivity and the wild. Our resident donkeys and dogs, for example, were adopted from areas in the Yucatan and would likely live without proper care if we had not given them refuge.

Our intention is to enact thoughtful and well-planned sterilization and breed and release programs for these animals, so populations that may grow out of control, such as cats, dogs, deer, or raccoons will self-regulate and not have to depend on human care or suffer from poor care and poor health.

Through this program we also intend to aid animals that may be in danger of extinction or unaccustomed to human care, such as deer, birds, and sea turtles, to return to their natural habitats into local wildlife zones that have little or no human infrastructures or activities.

While we do not run any official animal shelter or rescue programs, Sandos Hotels and Resorts aims to provide — when possible– temporary or permanent care for both wild and captive animals that require rescue and rehabilitation. We are proud to offer our “Cat Cafes” to wild cats that live on our properties. Through these feeding and water stations, we support the work of local animal shelters including Coco’s Cat Rescue, well-known for their extensive work in animal rescue and sterilization.

Sandos is also pleased to announce that we were recently successful in ending a long-term contract that allowed for the display and photographic rights of captive animals to interact with guests in Sandos Caracol. This contract preceded Sandos’ acquisition of the Caracol property. We have prohibited animals from being used for profit in photographs in Sandos Caracol as of August, 2012.

We encourage our guests to experience and also respect the local wildlife. An integral part of this is to view them and enjoy their activities, but to refrain from feeding any wild animal. This includes the many wild raccoons, monkeys, birds, wild cats or dogs, fish, and coati that live on our properties.

At Sandos we aim to promote an awareness of and an appreciation for our local wildlife and habitats, and we hope that our guests will participate in our conservation practices when interacting with animals who live on and also populate our properties.


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  • maureen murphy meno
    October 6, 2012

    Bravo Sandos!!!! Your support of ecological sustainability & animal welfare should be applauded!!!

    It is wonderful to see that you do not allow photos of captive animals for profit!!

    I know your hotel & it is lovely! I have much respect for the eco program & policies you have established!!


    • Sandos Hotels
      October 22, 2012

      Thank you!! 🙂
      We are constantly updating our environmental policy to bring it in line with current situations and above all, to protect and care for our surroundings.