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The Best Cenotes In The Riviera Maya

Posted on 4 m read

The magic and wonders of the Riviera Maya are spread through a wide array of different things like delicious gastronomy, spectacular mangroves, mesmerizing white sands, and the beautiful Caribbean Sea. But there is one thing that makes the Riviera Maya genuinely unique. 

Cenotes, these bodies of clear and pristine water situated across the Riviera Maya, are historical and absolutely breathtaking. Back during the time of the Mayans, cenotes were precious and sacred locations used for sacrifices, rituals, and celebrations, and now they are used to promote the beauty of Mexico. One dip in their freshwaters, and you will fall in love right away, and lucky for you, there are endless cenotes situated throughout the Riviera Maya, and we are here to tell you some of our favorites. 

These are some of the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya:

Cenote Cristalino, El Jardin del Eden, and Azul


In the Riviera Maya, there are no rivers, so you may be wondering, is there freshwater? Well, the answer is yes, cenotes were the source of fresh water for the Mayan civilization. They say that underwater tunnels and caverns actually connect most of the Cenotes, crazy, right? 

Situated about 15 minutes away from Playa del Carmen, Cenote Cristalino, El Jardin del Eden, and Azul are three different and amazing cenotes located within walking distance of each other. These are open cenotes that are crystal clear and perfect for a day exploring with the family. Their clear waters make snorkeling extremely easy, giving you endless opportunities to see different types of fish and turtles. For those wanting a little bit of thrill, you can also jump off of small cliffs and plunge safely into the water. Even when you are not in the water, the jungle surrounding the cenote boasts plenty of opportunities to witness birds while indulging in the warm Caribbean sun. 

Gran Cenote 


The Gran Cenote in the Riviera Maya is situated near Tulum, a fascinating and historic city. The Gran Cenote is known for its extremely clear water; it is so clear that you don’t even need snorkeling equipment to enjoy seeing all of the incredible fish that swim by your feet. 

Something that makes this cenote a top choice for travelers in the Riviera Maya is its location near Tulum. After a bit of adventuring through the Cenote, you can easily visit Tulum and explore all of the different gastronomic options and the Mayan Ruins they boast. 

Chaak Tun


Just outside of Playa del Carmen and below the service is the extravagant Chaak Tun Cenote. Take a trip down a wooden walkway embodied by the Riviera Maya jungle and enjoy the sounds of birds singing as you descend down to the cenote. 

The Chaak Tun cenote is one of the Riviera Mayas’ closed cenotes, and it is incredibly magical. See the unforgettable structure of an underground cenote and notice all of the different things that make a cenote in the Riviera Maya unique above any others. 

Dos Ojos 


A short drive away from Playa del Carmen this incredible cenote has been featured in multiple movies and documentaries; It outlines the true beauty of cenotes in the

Dos Ojos Cenote is one of the most popular cenotes in the world. This Riviera Maya treat brings travelers from all over the world to see it’s unique rock formations and breathtaking blue water. 

Cenote Sandos Caracol


Last but not least, we may be biased on this one, the unforgettable cenote in the Riviera Maya, one situated within Sandos Caracol

Now at Sandos Caracol, there are many cenotes located within the property, but one especially catches the eyes of travelers. A grand cenote in the Riviera Maya that offers all guests an opportunity to snorkel and see a whole new underwater world full of beautiful fish, turtles, and fauna, the best part is that it is completely included in your stay.

While staying at Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar, each one of these cenotes is within a short distance of the hotels, offering all guests a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience one of the things that make the Riviera Maya one of the number one travel destinations in the world. At Sandos Hotels, you can also trust Scuba Libre, a diving agency that can help you choose the perfect Riviera Maya cenote to explore situated within Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar. So if you are planning a trip to the Riviera Maya, don’t miss out on the chance to witness something unforgettable and unique. 

Visit the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya on your next trip, we promise you won’t regret it! A whole new world awaits with Sandos. 

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