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Experience the Real Constitution day in mexico

Posted on 4 m read

Constitution day mexico to enjoy. Traveling to wonderful destinations in the world is always an incredible activity to take part in. Whether it be going on the adventure of travel with your partner, family, or friends, there are so many places to see and discover. But, one thing that some people forget is that they are going to a different place with different customs, traditions, food, drinks, and entertainment. 

At Sandos, we want to give our guests an authentic experience while traveling to one of our four resorts in Mexico! So, keep reading to discover what Mexico has waiting ready for you, from Constitution day to now! 

Día de la Constitución 

Mexico drafted a constitution on February 5th, 1917, in the state of Querétaro. It outlines basic rights that are also in the constitution of other countries around the world, such as freedom of speech, religion, and legal rights. But, the Mexican constitution has something that stands out! Article 23 of the Mexican constitution states that Mexican citizens have a right to a good job, decent housing, and health protection and care. 

Mexican Revolution and the Constitution day of mexico

Porfirio Díaz was a dictator of Mexico serving over 31 years in office, often favoring rich foreign landowners and industrialists. In 1910 while running for his seventh term in office, one of his competitors, Francisco Madero, started to gain fame and popularity. Upon noticing this change in popularity, the current president has Francisco arrested and declared himself as the president of Mexico for another term. 

This caused turmoil across Mexico, which then led to the Mexican Revolution. After years of bloodshed and unhappiness upon the Mexican People, the Constitution of Mexico was drafted so that all Mexican citizens would have basic rights and a say in who their leader would be. 

Did You Know? 

The Mexican Constitution was the first document in history that said every person has the right to an education.

A Public Holiday in Mexico 

Every year on Constitution Day, all schools, businesses, and government offices are closed. Across Mexico, this day is celebrated with large parades, colorful costumes, and marching bands. As this day always falls on a Monday, people in Mexico get to use the long weekend to have fun and reunite with family and friends. If you are in Mexico during this remarkable day, make sure to be with the Mexican people and celebrate their freedom and rights alongside them!

Viva Mexico with Sandos Hotels & Resorts Constitution day in mexico

Constitution day mexico

At Sandos, we ensure that every traveler from around the world is provided with an experience unlike any other. Aside from an all-inclusive getaway in some of the best destinations in the world, guests can experience an authentic Mexican getaway at every point in their getaway.

In 3 different destinations, Sandos resorts boast unique experiences, activities, performances, and cuisine. No matter the type of traveler, Sandos offers something for every age! Get to know our hotels: 

Sandos Cancun 

Constitution day mexico

One of the gems of the Caribbean, Sandos Cancun is ideal for those who want to experience Mexico in the sun! While focusing on the well being of guests with a one of a kind European spa, three infinity pools, and intricate entertainment program, guests are able to truly relax and enjoy some time away from home while being close to all of the amazing bars, restaurants, and shopping centers in Cancun. 

Sandos Playacar 

Constitution day mexico

On one of the grandest white sand beaches in Mexico, Sandos Playacar is ideal for family vacations! Boasting two water parks, an incredible day and night entertainment program, and new adventures around every corner, Sandos Playacar is every traveler’s dream! 

Sandos Caracol 

Constitution day mexico

Beaches and the warm rays are two of the best things that are offered in Mexico, but did you know there are also magnificent jungles and nature? At Sandos Caracol, you can experience nature in its purest form while swimming in cenotes, floating down a mangrove river, and spending time with the monkeys. Apart from the array of eco-activities available, guests can indulge in a traditional Mexican experience as part of the “Viva Mexico” entertainment program. 

Sandos Finisterra 

Constitution day mexico

On the other side of the country lays Sandos Finisterra on the mountainside of Los Cabos. The great pacific, mountains and desert terrain is awaiting the most daring travelers. If awaking on the mountain overlooking the mesmerizing Pacific oceans isn’t enough to entice you, maybe the unbeatable service and amenities will be! Enjoy exquisite cuisine, one-of-a-kind entertainment, and thrilling activities with those you love most! 

Celebrate Constitution day in Mexico with Sandos 

Don’t miss out on a unique experience in Mexico celebrating alongside Mexicans as you enjoy a cultural vacation! Also, you can save big while indulging in our unbeatable offers as part of our Viva Mexico campaign! Are you ready for your next vacation to Mexico? 

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