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5 Signs You Need A Vacation

Posted on 5 m read

Vacation, wow! How can that not sound good? Have you ever wondered when really is the best time to go on vacation? The answer is now! Vacation is one of those few things in life that when it ends, you already start planning for the perfect next getaway. And why not? Vacations take away any stress, problems, and worries you have.

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for… a Vacation!

Before we get to the signs of why you need a vacation, let’s take a look at what type of vacation is right for you.

Now,  this is an extremely important decision to make as it could determine your vacation experience. But do not worry, we have the perfect list to help you decide what kind of vacation you are really looking for.

The Family Vacation –  The whole fam jam gathering together in one, nice, and amazing family bonding experience in one of the most beautiful and cultural countries in the world.

The Couples Getaway-  You and the Mr/Mrs to go on a couple’s getaway consisting of two loving partners taking a romantic getaway filled with fun and sun. So if you have kids, it´s time to call the grandparents. 

The Group Vacay-   Want to make your vacation even more fun by inviting your crazy friends and family? Well, I guess it’s time for a group vacation, if there’s a reason or not, remember the real reason is always … MEXICO.

Boys / Girls Trip –  Got a group of close friends and looking for something fun and exciting to do? Well, a Boys / Girls trip is right down your path. So get your Instagram stories because Mexico here we come … Right?

Singles Getaway-  Last but not least, the Singles Getaway. Had a bad breakup? Feel alone? Fear not because in Mexico love is always in the air. I mean there’s always tequila, right? Come on …. book that plane ticket.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of vacation you want here are 5 signs that might make you think about taking a vacation: 



Free Stock Photo of Adult Orangutan Created by Tony Ryta

We all remember that treacherous day where it was time to get a new passport photo and no matter how perfect you made yourself look, no matter how much time you took in the morning to make yourself look amazing for this one photo that will be your most important piece of identification for 10 years it always turns out bad. Well I mean if you are extremely lucky and part of the select few that does not happen too, ignore this sign you lucky duck. Now if you are a part of the majority, take a look at that passport photo and if you notice yourself looking a little similar to the photo … It’s a sign you need a vacation.

* Did you know that at all Sandos Resorts we have professional photographers available all day long. They will not be able to fix that passport photo but they will be sure to capture your true beauty.


We all know that Mexico is famous for well … TEQUILA. If you have been cheating on Mexico by drinking that cheap tequila from your local bar it is definitely time for a vacation.

It’s time to taste the finest Mexican Tequila at one of the many amazing bars located at our Sandos Finisterra Resort, serving only the best and premium Mexican Tequilas. Remember your body is a sanctuary, do not poison it by putting cheap tequila in it, treat your body right, come to Mexico.



You wake up, stretch, grab yourself to coffee, go outside, and you see ….. everything but a beach. It’s time for a vacation. I mean come on, imagine waking up, going to the balcony and seeing a beautiful Carribean Beach and Ocean. It can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things ever. A place to have fun and relax.

Sandos Playacar is a resort located on one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the world. Sandos Playacar has a lot of space to relax and enjoy but also has a 7 day, 7 different themed beaches loaded with tons of different food and activities influenced by places from around the world. I mean the best day of the week is SUNday am I right?



Hanging out by the house bad mood

Sandra from work will not stop talking about that wonderful and amazing vacation she just had and you can not help but feel angry, annoyed, and even jealous of her. It is definitely a sign it’s time to book a vacation.

Did you know at Sandos Caracol there are a ton of eco activities and scenery to see, like swimming in Cenote, watching animals like monkeys and parrots, and touring on-site, real, Mayan Ruins? A lot of things to brag about when you get back home. Take that Sandra.


Fun in the sun in Cozumel

Generally, you are not happy, you do not want to go to work, you do not want to see friends, you do not even want to go outside unless you’re on a beach sipping a pina colada in Mexico. Well let me tell you, I think it’s time you book to vacation. I mean you know what they say money can not buy happiness but it can buy a vacation to Mexico, and that’s pretty close to happiness.

All Sandos Hotels offer a wide selection of all-inclusive amenities to make your vacation the best, and most relaxed vacation EVER!

Well, now you are aware of 5 signs that you need to vacation. Let us know in the comments if you are suffering from vacation withdrawal and what your tell-tale sign its time for vacation is.

Remember if you are suffering from the vacation blues  Sandos Cancun, Sandos Caracol, Sandos Playacar, and Sandos Finisterra will be more than willing to make sure that you are well taken care of. So what are you waiting for? Book now and Happy Vacationing!

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