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New Entertainment Program at Sandos Caracol: Vive Mexico

Posted on 4 m read

With traveling opening back up again, travelers from around the world are turning to Sandos for their next great adventure. Luckily, there’s never been a better time to travel as Sandos Caracol Eco Resort is changing the vacation experience for travelers in a huge way. For instance, you can expect a whole new nightly entertainment program making its way to brighten up the evenings of every guest. 

Take a journey through Mexican culture with a full 7-day program filled with incredible performances by some of the most talented artists in Mexico. It’s time to get excited and say hello to “Vive Mexico” at Sandos Caracol. 

Monday: Pre-Hispanic Show

Location: Theater Terrace  

Time: Starting at 6:30 pm 

We start the week off with our famous prehispanic show featuring the Red Queen Ceremony and Folkloric Ballet. Through dance, guests are transported to the era of the Mayans’ where they get to witness a new culture and customs of worship to the Red Queen. See how the Mayan people once communicated with their gods and goddesses, seeking guidance and power. 

Tuesday: Day of the Dead Homage

Location: Theater Terrace   

Time: Starting at 6:30 pm

The Day of the Dead or in Spanish: El Dia de Los Muertos” is a unique and enticing day of the year that is celebrated by Mexicans from around the world on November 1st and 2nd every year. Contrary to what people may think about this Day when they hear its name, it is certainly not a day of sorrow. 

Day of the Dead is a day of celebrating the lives of the ones that we have lost, and now, we don’t have to wait till November! Take part in this Day of the Dead homage listening to true Mexican music and indulging in traditional customs. 

Wednesday: Tribute to Selena 

Location: Theater Terrace 

Time: Starting at 6:30 pm

Selena was once one of the most popular Tex-Mex artists in the world, and to this day, her music is still in the hearts of many! Sandos Caracol is bringing a tribute to Selena where, through this captivating performance of song and dance, you will fall in love with her music. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes because you won’t be able to stop moving as soon as you hear her top hits! 

Thursday: The Heart of Mexico 

Location: Theater  Terrace 

Time: Starting at 6:30 pm

The journey of Mexican folklore continues with the “Heart of Mexico.” Through a mesmerizing performance, guests can be taken back to learn about the different traditions of the Mayan Culture. Learn more about the Mayan culture and why it plays such a significant role in Mexican culture and traditions, especially in the Riviera Maya. 

Friday: Mexican Cumbia

Location: Theater  Terrace 

Time: Starting at 6:30 pm 

Often described as the musical backbone of Latin America, cumbia is a traditional folk dance played in all parts of Mexico. Originating in Columbia, this is one of the most popular types of music enjoyed by generations of Mexicans. Its intoxicating rhythms are going to make you want to hit the dance floor and dance alongside the entertainment team, who will show you all of the steps if you don’t already know them. 

Sabado: Sacred Fire Ceremony 

Location: Sun Square 

Time: 8:30 pm 

The sacred fire ceremony is one of the most popular performances of the week. Through dance, fire, and music, a Mayan love story is beautifully depicted in a breathtaking performance. Witness animals come to life as they show their meaning in the Mayan culture and how they played an essential role in the survival of the Mayan people. Do not miss out on the Sacred Fire Ceremony at the Sun Square. 

Sunday: Pueblo Magico (Magic Town)

Location: Theater Terrace 

Time: 6:30 pm 

What better way to close off the week then with a Mexican Fiesta in our Pueblo Mágico. Start off the evening indulging in traditional Mexican cuisine from different states of Mexico. Once your stomach is full, take the little ones to play traditional fun games that all children from Mexico play when they grow up. To end the evening, listen to beautiful rhythms of music and even dance the night away with your loved ones. 

Experience the Brand New Vive Mexico Entertainment Program

It’s time to be out with the old and in with the new, and there is no better way than the Vive Mexico entertainment program at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort. During your vacation, fill your evenings with fun, laughter, and traditions while experiencing the Mexican culture firsthand! So, what show are you the most excited to witness on your next getaway? Make sure to let us know in the comments! 

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