Sandos Caracol estrena Aqua Park

¡Ahora también para los niños grandes!

Aquí en Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, todos estamos emocionados con la apertura reciente de la ampliación de nuestro Aqua Park. Los que ya nos conocen se acordarán que antes contábamos con un Aqua Park exclusivamente para los niños, con coloridos toboganes y amplias áreas para jugar en el agua. Sin embargo, decidimos que ya hacía falta ofrecer la misma diversión a los “niños grandes” que se hospedan en nuestro resort.

Toboganes en la Riviera Maya

El 7 de febrero de 2016, abrimos una nueva ampliación al Aqua Park, con un total de 12 nuevos toboganes diseñados para adultos, adolescentes y niños. Desde esa fecha, ¡el Aqua Park se ha convertido en uno de los atractivos más populares para los que ya nos han visitado en Sandos Caracol! Unas vacaciones en Playa del Carmen no estarían completas sin diversión acuática, y ahora nuestros huéspedes pueden disfrutar de todo tipo de toboganes (incluyendo clásicos como el Kamikaze) además de nuestras piscinas y deportes acuáticos en el Mar Caribe.

Ahora el Aqua Park cuenta con tres áreas: el Aqua Park para niños pequeños con muchos mini toboganes, área para niños con 5 toboganes, y área para adolescentes y adultos con 7 toboganes.

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort vista aerea

Preguntas Frecuentes

Seguramente los que tienen pensado visitarnos este año tendrán varias preguntas acerca del nuevo y mejorado Aqua Park en Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, así que a continuación les presentamos las respuestas a algunas de sus preguntas más frecuentes:

  1. ¿Cuáles son las estaturas mínimas para disfrutar de los nuevos toboganes?

Para su seguridad, el uso de los toboganes es en base a la estatura, sin importar la edad del usuario. Los nuevos toboganes para niños requieren una estatura mínima de 1.10 metros, y los nuevos toboganes para adultos y adolescentes requieren una estatura mínima de 1.40 metros. Los más pequeños encontrarán un mundo de diversión en el área de niños con mini toboganes y mucho más, siempre con un adulto presente para cuidarlos.

Actividades para niños en Playa del Carmen

  1. ¿El Aqua Park es parte del plan todo incluido?

¡Sí! Todos los huéspedes en Sandos Caracol Eco Resort tienen acceso al Aqua Park sin ningún costo extra.

  1. ¿Cuál es el horario del Aqua Park?

El Aqua Park para niños está abierto desde las 9:00 am hasta las 6:00 pm todos los días. El área de toboganes está abierta desde las 10:00 am hasta las 5:00 pm todos los días.

  1. ¿Cortaron selva o manglar para construir la nueva ampliación?

La construcción del nuevo Aqua Park no afectó a las selvas y manglares del resort. El área de toboganes fue construida en un área que ya era completamente despejada, y las pocas palmeras que se encontraban en esta área fueron trasladadas a otras partes de la propiedad. Sandos Caracol Eco Resort está comprometido con la preservación del medioambiente y minimizar nuestra huella ecológica. ¡Siempre nos esforzamos para ofrecer vacaciones sustentables a nuestros huéspedes!

Parque acuático en la Riviera Maya

Además del extenso parque acuático, Sandos Caracol también ofrece actividades ecológicas para familias y parejas todos los días. Visítanos para conocer leyendas mayas y la naturaleza de la Riviera Maya a través de actividades interactivas con nuestra Experiencia Xcalacoco.

¡Esperamos verte pronto para unas vacaciones todo incluido en Playa del Carmen! Visítanos en para reservar tu estancia y conocer nuestro nuevo Aqua Park.


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  1. Hello, we will be visiting the ECO Caracol resort in August. What is the typical weather near the end of August? Do the waterparks remain open even if it is raining?
    For shopping in the city, is Playa De Carmen nearby? Can you walk to it, if not any shuttles available and how much?

    We enjoy really spicy pepper food, are we going to be happy with what is available at the resort. We enjoy REALLY spicy food, should we maybe bring some of our own pepper sauce?
    We are definitely looking forward to our vacation to relax and enjoy. see you in August

    • Hi Mervy! Great questions.

      The weather near the end of August is usually hot, and we might get some scattered showers during the day. (These are usually quick 10-minute tropical showers with sunshine the rest of the day, nothing to worry about, but of course we can’t guarantee the weather.) Here’s a blog post we wrote recently with more details on the weather in Playa del Carmen:

      Yes, for safety reasons, we close the water park as soon as we see raindrops. We sometimes close it earlier if there’s a chance of a tropical storm.

      Sandos Caracol is right outside of Playa del Carmen, but the main shopping area on 5th Avenue is not walking distance from the hotel. You can take a taxi straight from the lobby, and it’s about a 10-15 minute taxi ride.

      We do have salsas at the resort, but maybe bring your favorite super-spicy sauce just to be safe!

  2. Hello, We are planning a visit in April with our children and grandchildren. Do you have an age restriction for children in the main pool with the swim-up bar? Can babies go in any of the pools? Also do you have transportation to and from the airport. So very excited to come, just want to be sure everyone is able to have a good time together. Thank you.


    • Hi Tami! There is no age restriction in any part of the main pool at Caracol. There is a shallow area especially for babies and toddlers at the opposite end from the swim-up bar, but kids of all ages are welcome in any part of the pool. We do not include airport transportation, but we can help you book it! Just send us an e-mail at [email protected] with your information. See you in a few weeks!

  3. Hello
    We just booked for March 18. Generally how is the weather .
    Was wondering if there are Easter activities before hand for the kids.
    I have done some brief browsing on activities and am very excited for my son to experience everything. Do the animal keeper spots fill up quick. Does everyone get a chance.
    Anywhere you suggest to look further into thing?
    Countdown is on!!!!

    • Good morning Marc! Weather in March in Playa del Carmen is usually very warm (usually 80 – 95 degrees Fahrenheit) with very little rain.

      For Easter activities, here is a blog post we wrote last year on some of our activities. This year will most likely be similar: Easter egg hunts, crafts, etc However, these activities usually happen on Easter Day, so your stay will be a bit too early.

      For Animal Keeper, so long as you stop by the InfoCenter (just outside the Sports Bar) in advance to reserve a spot, you shouldn’t have a problem. Try stopping by the InfoCenter on the day you arrive to ask about availability!

      See you guys in a few weeks!

  4. Can you tell me on the larger slides are kids who may be under the height requirement allowed to go on the slide with an adult?

    • Hi Crystal! Sorry, if they do not meet the height requirement, they cannot use the water slides, not even with an adult.

      See you soon 🙂

  5. We will arrive on 15 April. Can’t wait! Does the hotel do anything special for the kids on Easter??

  6. Bit rarly for us but we have booked a family holiday for Oct 2018 grandparents, daughter, son in law and grandaughter from Scotland . Resort looks amazing and our granddaughter will be just over . Im a sunworshiper is there enough areas to accommodate the 956 rooms?

    • Hi Lynn! Great question, here at Sandos Caracol we have plenty of sun loungers for all of our guests. I’d recommend getting to the pool or beach around 9am to ensure you get your favorite spot, but either way you shouldn’t have any problems finding somewhere to enjoy the sun!

  7. I was wondering if there are any bathing suit restrictions for the waterslides. Are kids allowed to wear sun shirts with long sleeves to go on the slides? Also can ladies wear some sort of swim dress like a swim suit/skirt? we have been to other waterparks wear they did not allow these bathing suits.

    Thank you

    • Hi Mike! Good question. The only swimsuit restrictions at the water park are the following: Bathing suit is required for slides and pool, no denim or cut-off shorts or underwear, children under 3 years old must wear a swim diaper. So long as your family is wearing a swimsuit, the style doesn’t matter. Have fun!

  8. I am wanting to travel to your resort Sandos Caracol, but have a young toddler with food allergies. Do yall make accommodations to accommodate him so he can eat the same food as my other 3 children?

    • Hi Melanie, thanks for your question. Yes, we can accommodate special dietary needs. Upon your arrival, please let our concierge know your requirements so they can print them out for you. When you arrive at our restaurants, just show this print-out to your waiter and he/she will make sure your food fits your needs or they will have a special dish prepared. See you soon!

  9. What is the maximum height for the little kids water park? The water park with the smaller slides that already existed.

    • Hi Amy! The little kids’ water park has no height limit, only an age limit: maximum 12 years old. Have fun and we’ll see you soon!

  10. Do you sell day passes to customers NOT staying at a Sandos resort? If so, what are the prices? How convenient is the hotel to the Ferry Station in Playa del Carmen? We are traveling to Cozumel in April and am wondering if this would be a good day trip option.

    • Hi Griselda, Yes, day passes currently cost $1850 pesos per adult at each of our Mexico resorts (half price for kids ages 3 – 12). Sandos Caracol Eco Resort is about a 10-minute taxi ride from the ferry station. (Keep in mind that at this time out other resort Sandos Playacar is not accepting day passes because it is fully booked.)

      • Does the $1850 day pass include access to all inclusive food/restaurants? In another post you wrote that the price is $1220…which is correct? What will the price be next March?

        • Hi Dan! Yes, the day pass is all inclusive, so you will have food, beverages, pool, beach and activities. The price of the day pass varies depending on the date. For quotes on pricing, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]

  11. We have a Royal Elite package through you but we were not able to book there this year as it was full for our needed travel dates. Are we able to buy day passes to the water park so we can bring our kids? If so, how much would it be? We’d be 2 adults, 2 kids (5 and 2 years old).

    • Hi Cheryl, I just saw your comment and passed it along to Royal Elite. They will be in touch shortly. Thank you!

  12. hola, quisiera saber si me hospedo en otro hotel que no es Sandos, puedo visitar con mi familia el aquapark de l Sandos Caracol?
    Cuál es el costo? Hay que avisar con tiempo?
    Muchas gracias

    • ¡Hola Delia! Si te hospedas en Sandos Playacar o Sandos Cancún, puedes visitar todas las instalaciones de Sandos Caracol sin ningún costo extra (incluyendo el Aquapark). Nada más hay que avisarle a recepción que vas a ir. Aquí tenemos otro blog post con todos los detalles:

      (Nada más toma en cuenta que los huéspedes en Sandos Cancún pueden visitar los otros 2 hoteles, pero los demás hoteles no pueden visitar Sandos Cancún sin pagar daypass.)

  13. Hola, quisiera saber si el parque acuático cierra por mantenimiento en algún periodo del 2017

    • Yes, Sandy! At Sandos Caracol some of our Standard and Deluxe rooms connect, as well as our Royal Elite One Bedroom and Royal Elite Superior rooms (for Royal Elite guests only). Please keep in mind that connecting rooms are subject to availability; you can make a note requesting connecting rooms when booking your stay, but they are not guaranteed.

  14. I will be Coming next month to coracol eco, cant wait to be there, looking forward being your guest.

  15. Hello, my family (5) kids will be visiting the Sandi’s Caracol in Feb 2017. We have an all inclusive package and we were wondering if snorkeling equipment was provided for use in the package. Thank you!

    • Hi Miles! Yes, your all inclusive package includes non-motorized water sports: snorkel equipment (1 hour per day), boogie boards, sailing (insurance fee applies) and kayaks

      See you in February!

  16. Hello, is it a far walk from the rooms or water park, to the beach. When staying at Caracol?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Lisa! The rooms are distributed in villas throughout the property, so it really depends on where your room is located; that being said, it shouldn’t be more than a 5-minute walk to get to the beach or water park from any of the rooms.

  17. Can Caracol guests go to Playacar to see the Michael Jackson show and use their facilities? If so is there a cost? And how far are these resorts from one another?

    • Yes you can! Sandos Playacar is approximately 15 minutes south of Sandos Caracol. There is no cost to use the facilities at Sandos Playacar, although we do not provide transportation.

  18. Hi am Planning my 60th birthday at rivera maya at Sandos Hotel can you tell me if all your sandos Hotel have access to the waterpark, Coming next year 2017 with family 3 kids small and big So need to know before I book if all the Sandos can access the Waterpark. Thank you.

    • Hi Nancy,

      The water park is located at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, so of course guests there have access. If you are staying at the nearby Sandos Playacar Beach Rsort, you also have free access to the water park; just make sure to let the reception desk at Sandos Playacar know that you will be visiting the other resort.

  19. Si me hospedo en sandos playacar puedo utilizar piscinas y bufete del sandos Caracol y sandos Cancún?

    • Para Sandos Caracol sí, pero en Sandos Cancún tendría que pagar un daypass. Si piensa visitar Sandos Caracol, favor de avisar a recepción en Sandos Playacar antes de ir. ¡Saludos!

  20. Hola.
    Is it possible to visit you resort on a day pass and enjoy the water park?

  21. we are coming 2 adults and a child, for the first time, begining of august from Belgium ! can´t wait to discover your resort and the water park .

    • Hi Jeanette,

      Sandos Caracol has bug repellent available at posts scattered throughout the resort. There are not too many mosquitos, except maybe a few around sunset time. That being said, our state of Quintana Roo has had zero cases of Zika reported thus far.

  22. Hello could you tell me if your new water park is open to the public or for privet use of the resorts guests. Thank you.

    • Hi Tammra! The new water park is for Sandos hotel guests only. If you are staying at the nearby Sandos Playacar or even at Sandos Cancun, you can also have free access to the water park at Sandos Caracol.

  23. Si te hospedas en Santos Playacar, algún día se puede ir a visitar el Agua Park de Saldos Caracol?

    • Hola Pablo. Sí, los huéspedes en Sandos Playacar pueden visitar Sandos Caracol sin costo. Nada más hay que avisar a Recepción que van a visitar el otro hotel. ¡Saludos!

    • ¡Hola Sebastián! Sí, los huéspedes en Sandos Playacar pueden visitar Sandos Caracol sin costo. Nada más hay que avisar a Recepción que van a visitar el otro hotel. ¡Saludos!

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