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Why It´s Time You For You To Take A Break

Every day to day life can get a bit tiring after a while, and sometimes all we need to do is sit back and relax, take those well-deserved vacation days, maybe take the kids away from school, and take a well-deserved break from the regular daily routine! 



Well, what better way to do that than in some of the most exotic and fascinating beach destinations across Mexico and Spain with Sandos Hotels and Resorts? It’s important to take a break, it’s even more important to consider that break where you can truly relax and have a worry-free holiday, and we’re here to tell you why it’s so important and how you can, so let’s dive in! 



First, let’s start with the 3 Rs of vacation: 



No, we aren’t talking about refreshing your internet browser so you can continue to gaze on pictures of the beautiful Mexican Caribbean and dream about being there, we are talking about a refreshing getaway! 

Your mind and body need a break from the day to day responsibilities and worries! Not only will you be happy while on vacation, but we promise that the feeling won’t stop until you come back! We can’t think of a better place to refresh then the top-class 5 diamond spa and fitness center at Sandos Cancun filled with the perfect remedies to make you feel like new! 




We know just how important a nice relaxing getaway is, put all of your responsibilities aside, have a nice cold cocktail, relaxing by the pool, and forget about everything for a while… and let us tell you that it is exactly what you deserve! 

At Sandos Hotels and Resorts, relaxation comes in many forms! It may be relaxing by the infinity pool overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea as the kids splash around in the waterpark at Sandos Playacar, or maybe even enjoying one of the many breathtaking views at Sandos Finisterra, whatever sounds perfect for you, Sandos has got it! 





The 3rd R of vacations may just be the most important. We understand how stressful work, school, and all daily tasks can be. Let’s be honest; everyone needs a bit of a break from it to recuperate, to connect with yourself, friends, and family!  

We recommend the help of the wildlife at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort for this one! There is something about swimming in a freshwater crystal clear cenote as turtles swim underneath you and exploring through the jungle as monkeys swing from above that helps you get over all of the worries and stresses of everything! 




Moving on from the 3 R’s of vacation…




Learn new places


If you find yourself staring at a picture of palm trees on your computer dreaming about what it would be like to explore a new place, then maybe it’s time to take a break, book a holiday, and getaway! 

Sandos San Blas Eco Resort is the perfect place for you and your family to explore what seemingly is a whole new world!  Being located on the famous San Blas Environmental Reserve, guests can truly see what the beautiful island of Tenerife offers them right from the comfort of the hotel. From rock climbing to canoeing on the onsite lake, every corner of this hotel and everything it offers is perfect for the entire family! 


Bonding with friends and family 



We understand how work and school can take away from that important family and friend bonding, and that is the beauty of vacation, providing a place that allows you to put everything aside and focus on the most important people in your life! 

Just like at Sandos Papagayo, where you can find a complete activities problem full of games and activities perfect for connecting with friends and the entire family! 


NOW! You may be thinking, how can you truly relax while breaking the bank just to go on vacation! Well, we have the perfect solution!



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Remember, you deserve to take a break, and Sandos Hotels and Resorts has the perfect destinations with the best deals to help you on your journey to relaxation! 


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