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Meet 8 women who are making a difference at Sandos

Posted on 5 m read

As you know, on March 8 the world commemorates Women’s Day, during which the search for equity, peace, and development is evoked. At Sandos, we want to tell you a little bit more about those women who make a difference every day to provide the best experiences to all our guests.

Today we want to celebrate the work of extraordinary women who are not only passionate about their job but who literally take the initiative and have become a reference in all Sandos hotels, for which we are very proud to have them in the Sandos family.

Julia Mendo

Julia has been at Sandos for more than 20 years, and she collaborates as a housekeeper at Sandos Monaco. If you have stayed here, we are sure that you remember her, as she is very much loved by guests and colleagues due to her constant joy and smile.

Julia loves to meet guests from all over the world and especially to see them when they come back since that is a way of recognizing a good job.

Julia makes a difference at Sandos Monaco

Martina Rodríguez

She is Martina, and we are sure that if you have stayed at Sandos Cancun you will recognize her perfectly! Today Martina is the corporate director at the spa, and she previously was the director of Sandos Cancun.

With 14 years in the company, Martina shines wherever she goes, she’s always joking and cheerful, and above all, very creative. “What I like most about working at Sandos is that I have been able to be myself, always respecting and thanking my colleagues,” she says with a smile.

Martina says she is proud of her daughter Sophia, who has been her driving force and constant support throughout her career at Sandos, and we are very grateful for that!

Martina makes a difference at Sandos Hotels & Resorts

Nicki Van den Auwelant

Nicki has been at Sandos for 6 years, and today she is the director of Sandos Finisterra. Nicki stands out for her leadership and commitment to her team. Always human, she says that what she likes the most about her job is teaching and learning every day, “I love sharing my passion to serve people with my colleagues.”

According to her coworkers, Nicki “is a true leader, she is always with her team, and her team is always with her” and boy do we agree! We are sure that if you have been at Sandos Finisterra, you will surely have had a pleasant chat with this incredible woman. Thank you very much for being part of the family, Nicki!

Nicki makes the difference at Sandos Finisterra

Adriana Castillo

Adriana has been at Sandos for 7 years! She started as a hostess before becoming the chief waiter at La Laguna restaurant, at Sandos Caracol, and says that what she likes most about her job is to meet people from all over the world, but above all, to be able to form true friendship bonds and learn something new every day.

With a broad smile, Adriana says that she admires independent women, mothers, and workers since it requires effort, strength and a lot of character.

Adriana makes the difference at Sandos Caracol

Flor López

Flor has been at Sandos for 15 years and today she is a waitress at Sandos Benidorm Suites, “what I like the most is sharing with guests”, she says as we agree, since everyone who interacts with Flor is filled with joy that brings out many smiles.

We want to thank Flor for her commitment, but above all, to recognize her excellent work and attitude.

Flor makes the difference at Sandos Benidorm Suites

Georgina Ramírez

Gina is the reservations manager and has been working in the company for 9 years! Always a leader, always kind, Gina is, above all, an enthusiastic person. The whole team recognizes her as a noble and very nice person, for which we are honored to have her in the Sandos family.

“I think the key of everything is to be grateful”, she says while everything around her seems calmer since Gina is one of those women who evokes joy. She says that what she likes the most about working at Sandos is the team, since she considers them an essential part of her family.

Georgina makes a difference at Sandos Hotels & Resorts

Claudia Lima

Claudia has 10 years in the company and today she is the head of the sector at Sandos Papagayo, and just by chatting with her, you can perceive the how much she likes to deal with people, since she has this kind of “gift” of serving. “I just love the satisfaction of a job well done”, she says. About the women who collaborate at Sandos, Claudia says that she considers them incredible, so she feels very happy to be in the team. And we are very thankful for that!

Minerva Rios

Minerva has been in the Sandos family for 6 years and today she is a barista in the Avenue Bar at Sandos Playacar, and she is a living example of constant improvement.

Every day, Minerva stands out for making the best effort to do a better job and, of course, to provide the best service at the resort, since what she enjoys most is to be around people. If you are one of those who enjoy a good drink in paradise, we assure you that she is the best bartender!

Minerva makes the difference in Sandos Playacar

Thanks to every woman at Sandos!

In addition to these incredible women, we want to thank each woman who is part of the Sandos Hotels & Resorts team, as they are the ones who make the difference not only for each of our guests, but also in the work teams and the community in general.

At Sandos Hotels & Resorts we have very specific policies that promote equity, justice, peace, and development, such as gender equity and care for women, you can read them here.

Leave us your comments and mention that woman who made the difference during your vacation at Sandos!

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  • Luis
    March 12, 2019

    Fantásticas todas!