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Best Time to Go to Ibiza

Best Time to Go to Ibiza

An Island for the Whole Year

The famous white island is world-renowned for its endless and tireless parties that control a good part of the summer season. However, this little jewel of the Mediterranean hides so much more than first-class nightclubs. In Ibiza, you can participate in many things practically all year round thanks to its incredible climate. You will not be able to bathe in the sun on the beach in some months throughout the year, but you can enjoy the island in another way. There are enough things to see and do in Ibiza to make a getaway outside of the high season (July-August) worth it.

The Weather in Ibiza

The weather in Ibiza is a typical Mediterranean climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are mild, around 10 degrees minimum, and 20 maximum. It is also possible that some days, especially at night, the temperatures will be lower, but it does not usually happen due to its situation. Winter, together with autumn, is a season with a high probability of rain. But it rarely snows. If you are lucky enough to be in Ibiza in the middle of winter and witness a snowfall, take out your camera and take a snapshot!

Summer: Long Days and Short Nights, but Very Hot!

However, the summer in Ibiza is quite hot, while the humidity increases the sensation of heat, some days in July and August, you don’t want to go out at noon other than to go to the beach. We recommend that if you are on the island during these months of the year, you take many precautions with heatwaves, hydrate a lot, protect yourself from the sun, and avoid, as much as possible, the peak hours of heat that are usually between 12 noon and 4:00 p.m. Maximum temperatures in summer can go up to 40 degrees and rarely drop below 22. At night, we can easily find the so-called tropical nights in which it is difficult to fall asleep unless you have a fan or air conditioner nearby. Despite the high humidity, the summer months are the driest of the year, with little chance of precipitation. In summer, we will also find the typical summer storms in which a heavy downpour falls, but they don’t last very long.

Spring and Fall are Also Enjoyable

In the spring months, the temperatures are very pleasant during the day, hovering around 20 degrees on average. At night it is still cool, but not like the winter months. In the autumn months, the heat is no longer so pressing, and winter is giving way. Temperatures are around 22 degrees on average, and at night it is already easier to sleep with cooler temperatures. The spring and autumn months are the best for sports such as trekking or cycling. If you are a lover of hiking, you can see our article. Do you like to walk and take good photos? Els Amunts is your next stop!

The Sea Is Always Present Throughout the Year

Keep in mind that the Mediterranean Sea is not like the Caribbean Sea. You are not able to take a dip throughout the year, no matter the month. The sea takes high temperatures in the summer months, hovering around 26 degrees in August. However, in winter, the sea gets colder, and at the beginning of March, it has an average temperature of 13 degrees. If you are one of the most daring, during the month of May, the water is still cool, but it is already feasible to take a good dip, and you can practice some nautical sports. If you like to be like a fish in water, do not miss our article Water Sports in Ibiza that you Cannot Miss.

So, When Should you Visit Ibiza?

The tourist season begins on May 1st and ends on October 30th, although the high season in Ibiza is the months of July and August.

Summer is the favorite time for most tourists to visit the island, as Ibiza is lively and one rubs shoulders with famous people. If you are wondering when to travel to Ibiza and are looking for warm temperatures and a sun and beach vacation, the summer months are perfect. Of course, you will have to wake up early to find the perfect spot on the beach and not end up with the neighbor’s umbrella on your heels.

If you prefer to escape from the masses and have your own space, autumn and spring are the ideal months to not have overcrowding, for lower temperatures, and prices that are reduced very considerably.

Experiencing Ibiza without stress is much better. The winter months are ideal if you are looking for tranquility and low prices. In addition, Ibiza has other interesting cultural and natural attractions.

What to Do in Ibiza According to the Time of Year

In spring, from March to June

TIP: You may need a jacket if you make evening plans.

  • The bravest can take the first dip of the year in the sea
  • Stores are starting to open, and you can go out for lunch or dinner without crowds
  • Go on excursions and explore the Ibizan nature. See our article: Do you like to walk and take good photos? Els Amunts is your next stop!
  • Do yoga or meditation in a retreat, and even for those of us who are not cold, can try the new modality of Yoga SUP. See our article: Water sports in Ibiza that you cannot miss
  • The opening parties of some discos begin
  • The Medieval Fair of Ibiza is celebrated with many craft stalls, shows, activities for all ages, and music.

Ibiza in Summer, from June to September

TIP: Lots of sun protection, hydrate well, and avoid peak hours of the heat

  • It is time to wear light, loose-fitting, and light-colored clothing. White is in fashion and is the quintessential color of Ibiza. Let yourself be seduced by the Ibizan style!
  • You cannot miss the festival of San Juan, on June 23rd, where bonfires are lit, and summer begins.
  • Enjoy electronic music festivals. Ibiza is the mecca for all those who want to move their body to the sound of the most famous DJs in the world.
  • Enjoy the beaches and coves without the sun in the morning and in the afternoon to see the incredible sunsets. Don’t miss a sunset at the emblematic Café del MAR or the drum festival in Cala Benirrás on Sundays.
  • Enjoy the hippy markets with family or friends
  • Practice water sports or rent a boat to explore the Mediterranean waters. See our article Water sports in Ibiza that you cannot miss
  • Visit the city of Ibiza, the Dalt Vila, a world heritage site for its incalculable historical value.

Ibiza in Autumn, from September to December

TIP: something warm for the nights and suitable hiking shoes that are waterproof. 

  • Walks along the most remote beaches and coves, those that are hard to go to in summer because of the heat and the crowds,
  • Visit towns and eat in local restaurants to taste the authentic Ibizan cuisine.
  • For the partiers, the nightclubs are closed, and they are spectacular events
  • The ideal time to cycle around the island and go cycling with the family.
  • Practice agritourism

Ibiza in Winter, from December to March

TIP: warm clothes and a camera to capture the beauty of a practically empty island with all its nature in splendor.

  • The ideal time for hiking
  • Watch the almond trees bloom

Accommodation in Ibiza

If you are looking for a place to stay during your vacation at Sandos El Greco, we offer you a unique experience. An adults-only hotel (+16 years old) that opens from May to October and is located in Portinatx, one of the quietest areas of Ibiza, where you can relax and disconnect with your partner, family, or friends.

Sandos El Greco, Portinatx (Ibiza)

Thanks to the fact that it is located on the beach, you can practice some of the water sports that we have recommended. Snorkeling, SUP Yoga, or simply swimming in its calm bay, all these activities will allow you to connect with the marines nature immediately. You can also start some of the excursions that we have recommended directly from here, such as the excursion to Els Amunts. If you have questions about how to practice these sports or if you are looking for more information, you can ask at the hotel reception where they will inform you of everything.

 In addition, participate in the Live the Real Ibiza Experience in which throughout the week, you can participate in different activities related to each of the emblematic aspects of the island: hippie art, zhen atmosphere, local culture, gastronomy, and events where you can also discover water activities.

If you are looking for different accommodation options at Sandos El Greco, we have the accommodation option that interests you the most and suits your needs. Depending on what you need, you can choose between:

If you are a demanding traveler, we invite you to consider an upgrade to Royal Elite. It will make your stay at Sandos El Greco even more spectacular. You can enjoy a room with views of the bay of Portinatx, extra amenities, discounts at the Wellness Center, or enjoy the new and exclusive beach club, a special place for Royal Elite clients with premium drinks and snacks, a lounge with sun loungers and hammocks with views of the Portinatx cove and the beach.

Remember to read the rest of the articles on our Ibiza Blog and discover all the articles we have for you.

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