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Todos Santos: Culture and History Near Cabo

Posted on 2 m read

Discover the beauty of Mexican towns in Todos Santos

The little town of Todos Santos has endless charms for visitors to enjoy. Located less than an hour from Cabo San Lucas, it’s the perfect place for a day tour where you can learn about the culture and history of Baja California, Mexico in a relaxing atmosphere.

Todos Santos has been named a “Pueblo Mágico”, or “Magic Town”, by the Mexico Secretary of Tourism; Mexico’s Magic Towns are recognized as beautiful travel destinations thanks to their cultural richness, unique attractions and historic relevance. In addition to being a fascinating place to explore, this town also has plenty of history. Todos Santos was originally founded as a mission in 1724, first called Misión Santa Rosa de las Palmas, then changed to Nuestra Señora del Pilar de la Paz. The original mission is now a well-preserved landmark located just across the street from the town square.

Todos Santos

Throughout the 19th century and early 20th century, Todos Santos was known as the sugarcane capital of Baja California, with eight sugar mills to keep the town’s economy going strong. In the mid-20th century, however, the town’s freshwater spring dried up and the mills were forced to close. For several decades, the town barely managed to survive, until the government created Highway 19 in the 1980s, allowing the area to transform into rich farmland and later evolve into a small-town tourist destination.

Todos Santos Magic Town Theater

Today, the town of Todos Santos is known for its thriving art community, excellent restaurants, historic homes, boutique hotels and charming streets. It’s also rumored to be the home of the real Hotel California from the famous Eagles’ song. The area’s mild climate with little rain makes the town an appealing place to enjoy a day outdoors any time of year, and offers the perfect conditions for growing the mango, papaya and avocado that keep the region’s agriculture going strong.

The town itself is small enough that you can easily stroll around the main streets during a day trip from Cabo San Lucas, with plenty of architectural charm for taking pictures and experiencing Mexican culture. While walking around town, you’ll also come across a variety of lovely shops, coffee shops, small art galleries, a souvenir market, and some open-air restaurants for enjoying a midday meal or some margaritas. The historic mission church and the theater are both located by the town square and are open to the public. You can even book one of the Todos Santos historic home tours to explore the incredible interiors that the town has to offer.

Todos Santos Magic Town Architecture

Guaycura Todos Sandos

When you stay at a Cabo San Lucas resort, you can easily book day tours with transportation and a guide to the Magic Town of Todos Santos. A visit to this appealing town is the perfect way to add a little history and culture to your Los Cabos beach vacation.

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