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What to Do in Los Cabos

Posted on 7 m read

A travel guide for everyone craving to explore these cities without missing a thing! Keep reading to fall in love (if you haven’t already) with the most amazing place in Mexico. Here, you’ll discover dozens of activities to explore.


Visit Santa Maria Beach


One of the top things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to have a beach experience. While it’s true that this area’s waves and ocean conditions are quite different and more intense than others in Mexico, you’ll find stunning places to enjoy the ocean breeze and relax while swimming in Los Cabos.



Santa Maria Beach is set 17 minutes outside of Cabo San Lucas, and it’s one of the best beaches in the area. This is a public beach, but it’s never crowded and it’s very safe. In fact, this beach is Blue Flag Certified, an honor that recognizes beaches known for their safety, water quality, eco education and accessibility services.


This area is also great to do some snorkeling, so if you’re planning an excursion, you can check your options with a tour agency or create an adventure of your own. Just keep in mind that the area’s ocean has taller waves than other parts of the world and get ready to have some fun. Yes, these waves are bigger, but they won’t stop you from water sports like paddle boarding, so we’re sure you’re going to really enjoy your day on Santa Maria Beach.

Go on a Sailing Trip to the Arch


This is probably the most famous activity to do in Los Cabos, and one of the Cabos San Lucas excursion that everybody is looking forward to do,  and we can’t blame anybody for wanting to go. You can either go early in the morning to swim at Lover’s Beach and do some snorkeling at the end of the Arch, or experience a sunset sail while drinking a glass of sparkling wine alongside your special someone.



The Arch is situated in a very special part of Los Cabos called FINISTERRA, which means “Land’s End”, and it’s such a magical spot for snorkeling and seeing the corals and the underwater mountains. (In fact, Sandos Finisterra resort is located on the Finisterra peninsula and has without a doubt the most spectacular views of the city, the bay and the Pacific Ocean.)



If you need any more reasons to convince you to visit this stunning historic area of Los Cabos, here it is: sea lions love this spot! You can see them having fun, lounging on the rocks or looking for food 365 days a year… a beautiful sight! Just keep in mind that the sea lions are wild animals and we should respect their environment.



To see the Arch, you can book a tour right at the hotel, with plenty of Land’s End Arch tour options for the whole family.


Watch the Whales


Travelers visiting Los Cabos from December through April are the luckiest of all! This is when gray whales migrate to the area. If you are looking what to do in Cabos San Lucas, this is a must to do and live




During the wintertime whale-watching season, whales come from the Arctic to live in the Sea of Cortés, where they reproduce and raise their young. This natural phenomenon is one of the most fascinating sights to witness anywhere in the world.



The month of January is the best for whale-watching, and it’s a moment you’ll never forget. Whales often get really close to ships and sailing boats, perfect for photos. Even though they’re not a dangerous animal, remember we’re not allowed to touch them and we need to respect their space.


The gray whale gets its name from the color it appears to be, but it’s actually black! And it can reach up to 50 feet long.


Take in the Best Views in Cabo


The landscapes found in mountainous Mexican towns are unbelievable, and we know that you’re always seeking the perfect ocean breezes when you come to a beach destination… and this place doesn’t disappoint. In fact, this is the ideal travel destination to admire the greatness of nature.



And guess what? At Sandos Finisterra resort, you can do it from the comfort of your room, the terrace, the bar, our pools, even the gym! You’ll find that Sandos Finisterra is a delightful spot for your next vacation, and we just can’t say enough about the location! It’s actually classified as one of the hotels with the best views in Mexico.



The reason is simple: we’re perched in an amazing mountaintop location. If you turn to the right, you’ll see panoramic views of the Cabo San Lucas Bay and its famous Marina (especially spectacular at night), and to the other side is the majestic Pacific Ocean. Even though we don’t have a swimmable beach, the impressive size of the waves will be reason enough for you to fall in love with the view.


Dance in the Best Nightclubs


Just a quick walk from Sandos Finisterra, you’ll find the Marina: a boardwalk around the Cabo San Lucas Bay where you can enjoy the town’s most beautiful lights, shopping and dining.



The most popular Cabos San Lucas activities  happens here by night…  the city offers incredible nightclubs like Mandala, Abolengo, and more, all well-known names in some of Mexico’s top tourist destinations.


However, the local favorite is Cabo Wabo. This Cabo San Lucas nightclub opens around 5 pm with outdoor music and appetizers. At nighttime, the band heads inside and the people start dancing. A great nightlife experience!


Then, just in case you want to stay at night in Sandos, the options are pretty good as we have Stone´s club open from 10 pm to 2 am. You´ll be dancing all night long.



Meet Pancho


While you’re at the Marina, you just might happen upon one of Cabo San Lucas’ most beloved residents: PANCHO!


This famous local sea lion loves being around people (but doesn’t like being touched), and he usually hangs out near the water’s edge, close to the boats. He’s so loved by the local people that the government has already set up a statue of him.


Keep an eye out and try to take a picture of Pancho. You might even catch him smiling, like he usually is!


Eat at Flora Farm

Outside the cities and up on a small mountain, you’ll find Flora Farm, a wonderful spot if you’re planning a meal outside the resort.


This organic restaurant offers sandwiches, pizzas and more. The true beauty of this restaurant is how they grow their own ingredients, plus the stunning landscapes you’ll be able to admire while you’re there.


Surf the Adrenaline-Pumping Waves of the Sea of Cortés

June is the preferred month for Los Cabos surfers. In fact, this is the month of the Los Cabos Open of Surf, a renowned international surfing competition set between the towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.


The waves make this a great surfing destination, and people just love watching the adventures of local surfers. If you’re a beginner, you’ll find beaches where you can easily start learning, and like we said before, Blue Flag beaches are the best for a safe surfing experience.


Rev Up in the Desert


ATVs at a whole new level! Yet another activity you can do in Los Cabos is exploring the desert using a combination of speed and adrenaline. Desert ATV tours don’t take too long, and they’re a great option for families, for couples, or on your own.



Just stop by the Seek N Go tour agency desk at Sandos Finisterra resort one day in advance to ask about the best options. Your tour package might even include other attractions like museum visits or snorkeling.


Dive into Cabo Pulmo



For everyone from new divers to expert ones, this is an amazing tour to do during your Cabo vacation. This Los Cabos excursion is one-of-a-kind for one simple reason: Cabo Pulmo is the only living coral reef in on the west coast of North America, and a favorite home for five different turtle species.



This spot is already like a nature sanctuary, so it’s important to keep in mind all the rules they’ll explain to you at the beginning of this famous Cabo activity.

Stroll Through the San Jose Historic Center


One of the newest and most charming historic downtown areas in Mexico, this idyllic neighborhood will make you feel like you’ve traveled back to an older era with a touch of glamour.



A “Centro Historico” (Historic Center) is a part of some Mexican towns where you’ll find a central plaza, a gazebo, a government palace, a cathedral, and the city’s main buildings. Typically, they have a mix of colonial, Baroque, and Spanish architecture.


San Jose del Cabo chefs and restaurateurs from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities help to create a dining experience like none other in Mexico. Their slogan is “The Mexican Heart of Los Cabos”. Make sure to visit the Art District, and don’t forget that on some Thursdays the city organizes parades, regional dances and lots of activities to enjoy during your stay in Cabo.


After reading all our advice on where to go in Los Cabos, the decision is yours! Get ready to have fun, get some relaxation, and enjoy some stunning experiences… all that’s left for you to do is BOOK YOUR TRIP!


See you in Cabo!




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