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Top 3 drinks for a happy holidays

We show you the most festive drinks to order at Sandos this holiday season

During your end of the year or Christmas break at Sandos, while spending holidays at our beaches and beautiful views, you can cool-off with some special beverages, such as our 3 most festive drinks to ask your bartender.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that mixology is not exclusive for adults at Sandos, as 1 of our top 3 drinks for this Christmas and New Year does not contain alcohol, so the little ones (and the big ones too!) can enjoy a personalized drink without even modifying its recipe.







With a creamy body and inspired by the love and joy of the character of Walt Disney, “Olaf” will delight your palate with its sweetness and texture; you´ll also get to taste some soft almond notes that add personality to this drink.


This delicious cocktail is prepared in a mixer or shaker with almond liqueur,  rompope (similar to eggnog), whiskey cream and white cocoa cream. Tip: you can also ask for a touch of chocolate syrup to give it a little contrast and extra flavor.

Served in a cocktail glass, “Olaf” is decorated with a maraschino cherry. You’ll love it!






Jingle Bell

A drink you cannot miss if you are visiting our hotels during Christmas and New Year is “Jingle Bell”, its light and sparkling body will certainly remind you of the famous song with the same name, which by the way, was written 160 years ago!

jingle bell

The faint effervescence will put you on holiday mode instantly when you taste the combination of cranberry juice, orange juice and mineral water, but don’t get tricked with the innocent appearance of this pink drink, as the “Jingle Bell” has some vodka and lemon juice added into its mix.

“Jingle Bell” is also served in a cocktail glass with a maraschino cherry, but this time decorated with an orange or lemon spiral.







Rudolph the Reindeer was chosen by Santa Claus by his unique bright red nose, which guides him around the world to bring gifts to children, so its only natural a drink inspired by his name, has a sweet Christmas touch that the little ones will certainly enjoy.


The refreshing mango juice is the base of this tropical drink, while the coconut cream will make you feel at the beach while you are at … the beach! There is a sweet and sparkling strawberry syrup at the bottom of the glass, while its final charm is a little slice of star fruit  added to the top of the glass, just like Rudolph’s nose and the North Star!

If you love the holiday season and are looking to try something new or different, we are sure you will love these Christmas cocktails, specially made for the festive people.

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