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Things You’ll Find along the Path of Health

Posted on 2 m read

Take A Stroll Down The Path of Health

The three main areas of Sandos Playacar Beach Experience Resort are connected by a beautiful path known as the Camino de la Salud (Path of Health). Not only does this path guide our guests from one area to another, it also allows guests to learn more about the natural surroundings of the Riviera Maya.

Path of Health

Below are just a few of the many things you can see on the Camino de la Salud:

1. A white line down the center of the path

Since several smaller paths branch off of the Camino de la Salud, the main path is marked by a thick white line, making it easy to find your way.

2. Ceibas

These beautiful trees love tropical climates like the Riviera Maya, and the ancient Mayans believed them to be sacred. They can grow to be impressively tall, but young ceiba trees are green and covered in large thorns.

3. Lots and lots of palm trees

The Camino de la Salud is lined with palm trees of all shapes and sizes. Signs by the path will tell you which palm species you’re looking at.

4. Flowers

Like this yellow hibiscus!

5. Beach markers

So you know how to reach your favorite place.

6. Fruit

The banana trees around here are pretty crazy-looking!

7. Plant-covered pergolas

It can get pretty sunny here in the Riviera Maya (and we like it that way), but the Camino de la Salud has a few shady pergolas to keep you cool along the way.

8. Agave

At the end of the Camino de la Salud lies a small field of beautiful agave plants to remind you that you’re vacationing in Mexico.

The next time you’re walking along the Camino de la Salud at Sandos Playacar, take some time to look around and discover some pretty amazing things!

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