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New Normal Travel

Posted on 3 m read

The past months have been quite a journey as everyone across the world did their part so that we could return back to how it once was, or as it is now, our new normal. A term that we will be hearing for a while, but you may find yourself asking, what exactly does it mean, and how does it apply to travel.

The new normal is being used to describe the process and steps we must take to return to the daily activities we were used to doing before the recent sanitary crisis. A new normal is enjoying all of the things we love, just in a different way. Now, this means more extensive hygiene protocols and security to ensure the health and safety of every human being.

The New Normal For Traveling

Travel; something that thousands of people from across the world enjoys every year. It is a time for relaxation, rejuvenation, and new adventures in breathtaking places. Airlines, transportation services, hotels, and resorts in vacation destinations have a tough job of offering the best services while also keeping each of their clients safe and healthy.

Traveling is meant for so many things, and to keep allowing for the love of taking a trip to continue, transportation and accommodation services are implementing and taking different measures. This new normal consists of face masks in public transportation, constant cleanings of all surfaces, temperature checks, hand washing, and close observation.

Enjoy a Clean Stay

At Sandos, we have been providing and creating unbeatable vacation experiences for all types and ages of travelers. From solo traveling to family getaways, we offer new and exciting opportunities for each guest that walks through our doors, and you deserve to feel confident and comfortable when you travel.

That is why we have upgraded our facilities as well as our cleaning and hygiene protocols for guests and our workers; this new series of procedures go by the name of Clean Stay. Here are a few things that Sandos is doing to ensure the well-being of each Sandos guest and employee.

Temperature Checks

At check-in, each guest’s temperature will be checked to ensure that they are not boasting a fever or displaying another irregular symptom.. Alongside our guests, before every shift, each one of our employees is also checked to ensure they are healthy and do not pose a risk to any guest.

Certified PPE Equipment

Depending on their position, our employees will boast the appropriate PPE equipment for their job. This will always include a face mask, but it could also include face shields and gloves. So if you see a worker with a shield covering their face, don’t be alarmed!

Extensive Cleaning and Sanitary Measures

The steps we take to make sure that you stay healthy starts from the moment you check-in and continues while you are relaxing in your room, chilling by the pool, having a drink, or enjoying a delicious meal.

Each surface, glass, utensil, plate, chair, and room is cleaned with the highest standards after each use using certified cleaning equipment. One of the biggest changes we have made is that of room cleanings. Before each new guest, we clean the air of the room, replace all bedding, and thoroughly clean each surface. Now guests must order room cleanings instead of the usual drop-in cleanings. This is to give you the peace of mind knowing exactly who and when someone is entering your room. 

These are just a few examples of all of the different things that we are doing to ensure the well-being of our guests. You can see here exactly what all of the different measures we are taking are.

Focusing on Moving Forward

Though the new normal brings many different changes to Sandos Hotels, we can assure you that a lot is still staying the same. Don’t worry; we are still the Sandos that so many travelers have fallen in love with! 

We are still here offering the best vacation experiences in incredible destinations across Mexico and Spain. You can expect amazing services and amenities, exciting activities and performances, delicious international cuisine and cocktails, and new adventures. We are here to stay, and just like before, our guests are our number one priority. 

It’s time to meet again and take that long-awaited vacation. At Sandos, we have incredible deals for all types of travelers, so don’t miss out on a vacation unlike any other, and travel today!

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