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Temazcal: A True Mayan Sweat Lodge

Posted on 3 m read

Looking for an authentic temazcal experience in Playa del Carmen?

Travelers from around the world are always looking for new and exciting ways to make their vacation unique and one to remember. Swimming in the crystal clear cenotes and swinging across the jungle like a monkey, but have you ever thought of trying a Mayan Sweat Lodge known as a Temazcal? 

Temazcal Ceremony in Playa del Carmen

Described as an experience like no other, Temazcals are a tradition that dates back to the era of the prehispanic indigenous peoples when their great cities and pyramids laid across the land. This cultural ceremony is guaranteed to make a lasting impression and set the tone for your vacation. 

History of the Temazcal 

Nahuatl’ temāzcalli’, a Nahuatl word meaning house of steam, was used for healing ceremonies in ancient times. Depending on the region, Temazcals were traditionally made out of volcanic rocks and mud shaped into circular domes designed to emulate Toci, the Lady of the Temazcalli.

Medicinal and purifying were the main purposes of these incredible ceremonies. Temazcals were also used for women to give birth. For travelers who want to indulge in the ancient traditions, a Temazcal will free the mind, body, and soul. 

The 4 Elements of the Temazcal

Similar to other spiritual practices, the Temazcal is a compelling tool that teaches people to connect with their inner peace and let go of the stresses and worries of everyday life. 

Fire, water, air, and earth the 4 components that are used to set people free. As you enter the Temazcal, known as the mother’s womb, you will be taken back in time.

The 4 Elements of the Temazcal

The Temazcal is an invitation to connect with your self through holistic therapy with physical, mental, and energetic benefits. When you decide to take part in this ritual, you are choosing an opportunity to find yourself through the elements. 

The Process of the Temazcal Ceremony

To help you understand what exactly a Temazcal entails, here is a small detail of what you can expect. We hope that you aren’t claustrophobic because once you enter the small hut and the Shaman covers the door, it is untraditional to leave. 

The Process of the Temazcal Ceremony

Producing the Heat 

To start the process of purifying your mind, body, and soul, the Shaman will create heat by throwing water over a pile of rocks in the middle of the space. This process creates steam that will allow you to start the journey. 

Cleansing the Air 

To help you connect yourself with the earth and make you more comfortable, the Shaman will purify the air with a variety of scents. Popular natural scents that Shamans use are rosemary, basil, and peppermint. 

Be Free 

Because you are in a smaller heated space, it can be a bit uncomfortable at first. That is why you are free to walk around, sit, lay down, or do whatever you need to cleanse your mind. 

If you want more information on the entire process of a Temazcal at Sandos, you can approach our Spa del Mar front desk, and one of our spa experts will be more than happy to assist you. 

A Temazcal Ceremony at Sandos 

We are devoted to providing new opportunities and adventures for our guests, and that includes our very own Temazcal at Sandos Playacar and Sandos Caracol in Playa del Carmen part of our spa experience packages. 

A true Shaman will take you to our Mayan Sweat Lodge and guide you through the spiritual journey. The process is committed to ecotourism and the support of Quintana Roo’s Mayan heritage. 

Temazcal Ceremony in Playa del Carmen: A True Mayan Sweat Lodge

Make your vacation truly unique with a temazcal treatment. We guarantee that it will become one of your new vacation traditions, and it will leave you feeling like a whole different person. You can go for your treatment directly on the resort and then continue enjoying all of the special amenities and services Sandos has to offer! 

Are You Ready for an Experience Like No Other? 

If you haven’t experienced a Temazcal ritual already, it should definitely be on your travel bucket list. All you need to do is go to our Spa Specialists at Spa del Mar, and they will be more than happy to start your spiritual journey. 

So when you travel to Sandos, make sure to check it out and get ready to be part of this ancient ritual. 

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