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The Best Coves, Bays, and Beaches in Ibiza

Posted on 9 m read

If you think of one of the most famous islands in the world, undoubtedly, one of the names that will pop into your head is the famous island of Ibiza. Ibiza, or commonly known as the White Island, is an island that boasts dreamy beaches and coves that make for a vacation spent in paradise. To ensure that your next getaway is stress-free, we have prepared a guide to the best coves and beaches within this incredible island. You will be able to organize your days around the different areas of the island, north, south, east, and west getting to know one of the Balearic islands in depth. So, get your towel, swimsuit, and everything you need to enjoy the best coves and beaches ready because it is time that you are headed to Ibiza.

Sunset at Ibizas beach

Best Coves in South Ibiza

The south of Ibiza is the most populated area of the island and where the large urban centers are located. In addition to enjoying fun and unique urban activities, you can discover different beaches and urban and hidden coves. The main urban hub is the city of Ibiza, where you can discover the main vestiges of its history, such as the upper part of the fully walled city that dates back to the 16th century. Some of the most spectacular coves are located in the south of the island, and you cannot miss them during your stay. Even though they are one of the most popular places visited by travelers, if you go a little bit farther down the coast, you will be able to discover the most exclusive and secret beaches on the island!

Time to enjoy

  • Playa d’en Bossa is one of the longest and most famous beaches on the island for its atmosphere and is the perfect place for party lovers. You can find all kinds of bars, including the most famous, the Bora Bora Club.
  • Cala Jondal. To enjoy this cove, you better be prepared since it is entirely made of stones. Still, its location will allow you to enjoy many activities and a variety of restaurants to experience excellent dishes with a unique Mediterranean flavor.
  • Es Cavallet, located in the natural park of Ses Salines, is a few kilometers from the urban centers of Ibiza. This cove is an extensive sandy area with dunes that will give you the feeling of being on a virgin beach with crystal clear waters. If you are looking for a nudist beach, it is the only officially nudist beach on the island.
  • Cala Tarida is the place to visit if you want to enjoy a day with the family, as it is a cove with calm waters where you can also participate in different water activities like diving that will allow you to discover its beautiful seabed. In this cove, you can also witness the most beautiful sunsets on the island.
  • Platges de Comte is a sequence of white sand beaches and turquoise waters, from which you can see the small neighboring islands of Es Bosc, Sa Conillera, Ses Bledes, and S’Espartar. Spectacular sunsets can also be seen from this beach.
  • Cala Bassa is one of the best beaches in Ibiza, and it has been awarded several times thanks to its spectacular crystal clear waters, where you can see different types of fish. It is well known and attracts large crowds, that is why we recommend that you go early in the morning to get the perfect place to enjoy this wonderful place. It is also surrounded by pine trees allowing visitors to also enjoy the spectacular Mediterranean landscape.
City of Ibiza from the Mediterranean Sea

Best Bays in the North of the island

The northern part of the island is considered the most authentic part of the island because it is the least touristy area and where coves are not filled with travelers. We have selected the beaches of Portinatx and Benirrás as the most beautiful in this area. In addition, our beautiful Sandos El Greco Hotel is located in this area.

  • Our all-inclusive adults-only hotel Sandos el Greco is located on the fine white sands of Cala Portinatx. Its spectacular turquoise waters and magnificent crystalline waters make it a place of unique charm. In this cove, you can enjoy different water activities such as snorkeling, paddle surfing, and much more. Furthermore, from Sandos El Greco, you can enjoy the spectacular views of this cove from the pool. If during your stay you want to enjoy a more exclusive atmosphere, we have the best option on the island! By booking our Royal Elite package, you will have access to a beach club with hammocks, Balinese beds, and direct access to the cove. Below we will talk about the different accommodation options that you can find in our hotel.
  • Benirrás is located in the port of San Miguel. It is also a well-known cove located to the north. Its crystal clear waters and rocky bottom are perfect for you to enjoy a day in refreshing water while you soak in the sun. Just remember that it is essential that you wear special footwear to be able to enter the water without any complications.
Cala Portinatx

Best Coves in West Ibiza

In the western part of the island, there are so many more coves and beaches to discover near the famous town of San Antonio. This area is the ideal place to find a variety of natural environments, parties, cultural events, and sports. You can choose the activity that best suits you and the way you like to enjoy your vacation! In addition, in this island area, you can see dreamy sunsets where the sun mixes with the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The sunsets from the white island are among the most beautiful in the world, so don’t miss our blog “The best sunsets in Ibiza” to find the best spot to witness them.

  • Cala Xarraca and S’illot des Rencli are very close to each other, and both are coves with crystal clear waters located in totally natural surroundings. In them, you can see the typical piers of the fishermen in the area. You can also go diving to discover its marine biodiversity.
  • Cala Salada is one of the favorite beaches on the white island. In this cove, you will have the sensational feeling of bathing in a natural pool.
  • Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta are beaches with calm, crystalline waters and golden sand. They are two coves located next to the town of San Antonio. In them, you can enjoy a refreshing swim with family and then indulge in a diverse offer of restaurants in the area.
Cala Xarraca

Best Coves in the East of Ibiza

In the eastern part of Ibiza is the well-known town of Santa Eulalia, a relaxed area perfect for families. This town has a beach where you can swim and try out different water sports. There you can enjoy restaurants, typical island shops, and a romantic old town characterized by its white houses. Also on this side of the island, we can bathe on beautiful beaches and coves. Among them, we recommend the following:

  • Cala Llonga, Cala Llenya, Cala San Vicente, and Cala Boix are perfect coves to spend a day with the family.
  • Cala Nova, if you are looking for a nudist beach, this is your beach. You must bear in mind that it has two areas, one nudist and one that is not.
  • Pou d’es Lleó is a cove with a spectacular landscape in which the sand of the beach mixes perfectly with the rocks of the place.
  • Aguas Blancas is one of the best-known beaches on the island, although its access is quite complicated and lengthy since the parking lot is quite far from the beach. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy a beach with fewer crowds. Keep in mind that it is a beach where there are usually a lot of waves. It is perfect for snorkeling.
Cala San Vicente

The Best Bays in Ibiza for Snorkeling

One of the most acclaimed activities to take part in on the island is snorkeling. Thanks to the crystal clear waters of Ibiza, discovering the seabed and Posidonia forests (declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO), they turn this amazing activity into a grand spectacle. All of the coves and beaches of Ibiza are absolutely dream-like, but a few are best suited for snorkeling. We have mentioned some of the above, like the beaches of Aguas Blancas, S’illot des Pencil, and Punta Galera.


Be prepared for anything because depending on the location of the cove, there are different ways of accessing it, such as: Parking very close, on foot after a short excursion, or by boat. The Best Coves to explore.

  • Sa Caleta is a cove with a unique charm since it is not a traditional cove but a little pier that will transport you to a small fishing location. It is a popular beach that will allow you to discover the biodiversity of the rocky edges. It is located in the south of the island.
  • Porroig is located in the south. It is a tiny cove surrounded by a typical Mediterranean landscape of pine trees. It is perfect for visiting by boat, enjoying a refreshing swim with views of the beautiful landscape, and exploring the seabed.
  • Cala Martina, you can snorkel in addition to other activities with windsurfing or paddle surfing. It is very close to the hippie market in Es Canar.
  • Puerto de San Miguel is a beach with crystal clear waters located next to small cliffs that hide a spectacular seabed.
  • Cala Xarraca. Hereyou will observe some islets that can only be accessed if you go by boat.
  • Cala d’en Serra is a beautiful cove located between cliffs; next to it is another small cove that can be accessed by swimming.
  • Cala Moli is a cove with a rocky bottom, so we recommend that you wear special footwear. Thanks to its rocky bottom, you can enjoy breathtaking marine biodiversity.

In addition to snorkeling, there are quite a few different water activities that you can take part in during your stay. Moreover, discover all of the options you have in our blog: Water Sports in Ibiza!

Sa Caleta

Discovering Hidden Bays in Ibiza?

The Pitiusan island is one of the most famous globally, but there are some corners with somewhat more complicated access. However, thanks to this complexity, you can enjoy these places almost undisturbed by others. The Best Coves are here for you. Therefore, if you are an adventurer and don’t mind the extra challenge, these should be at the top of your to-do list.

  • Cala Llentrisca islocated in the south and is the ideal cove for complete tranquility. Just keep in mind that this cove is very rocky, so be prepared with proper footwear.
  • Cala Aubarca is perfect for lovers of excursions since it takes between 30/40 minutes to arrive. It is located about 3 km from the town of San Mateo.
  • Sa Figuera Borda is not a cove, but it is beautiful because it is a pier that is accessed through a natural arch in the rock.
  • Es caló de S’Illa is located near San Juan to the north of the island. You will also have to walk a bit to get there, but it is an amazing place for snorkeling thanks to its crystal clear waters.
  • Racó de ses Dones is located near Aguas Blancas. Even though it is difficult to get to, we guarantee that the journey will be worth it when you arrive.
  • Es Pas de S’Illa, near the port of San Miguel, has a private island in front of a mansion.
  • Sa Pedrera de Cala D’hort is another cove with difficult access. Its main charm is the natural pools that were created after the extraction of marés stones.
  • Punta Galera is a rock formation on the sea; its clear waters allow you to observe the seabed without even getting into the water.
Cala d’Hort

Sandos El Greco Hotel in Portinatx

Explore our Sandos El Greco hotel located in the cove of Portinatx. After enjoying the incredible adults-only hotel (16+), amenities, and services, you can explore the entire island and enjoy a wonderful location like no other. Discover the unbeatable offers we have for your next vacation and learn about the advantages of booking directly with us while indulging in exclusive benefits. The Best Coves to enjoy.

On the Destination Ibiza page, you will be able to learn more about the islands, such as the best time to travel to Ibiza or the best water sports to participate in on the island. Don’t miss a single thing that the island has for you and make the most out of your vacation.

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