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The Best Ways to Connect with Your Children During Your Next Getaway

Being parents has never been an easy task, and if you are preparing your next vacation, your mind may start to wonder how to connect with your children during a trip. As we love family trips (and we have A LOT of experience with them), we want to give you some tips to strengthen ties and perhaps even discover how much you can learn from your children.

Respect their space

It is very common to think of family trips as a time in which you have to be close and plan a bunch of activities where you have to be together all of the time. However, these types of trips provide the opportunity to find fun and exciting moments specially designed for each member of the family that appeals to everyone’s likes and tastes. You can find children clubs suitable for young children and has specialized supervision, as well as areas for teenagers with the latest games and activities. This way, the children feel more independent and can experience something unique and will be eager to share all the excitement during dinner or before bedtime.

Enjoy the present 

Holidays are designed to help you rest and get out of the regular routine. While it is highly recommended to have a plan and stick to it, this works best for travelers that have certain traveling goals, such as discovering all of the spectacular attractions or dining at a special restaurant every night. However, family trips require a general consensus, and that may even stress you out if you all aren’t on the same boat!  Our best recommendation is that you enjoy the ​moment of being with your family and sharing special memories with your loved ones no matter where you go to discover, remember, you will be in paradise, there is no disappointing activity or excursion! Don’t worry; as your kids get older, they will have more than enough opportunities to pick activities that aren’t restricted by age or height! 

Plan a special moment

All of Sandos resorts have a wide gastronomic offer that adapts to all tastes, in casual or formal environments. A lá carte restaurants allow you to plan a dinner in which the whole family meets dressed in their best outfits, ready to enjoy the night together and create unforgettable moments. We recommend dressing up during the second or third night at the hotel, so everyone has the chance to unpack properly and not throw all of the clothes on the floor just to find that perfect outfit.

Never forget the pictures.

Don’t worry; there is no need to pack that bulky professional camera to capture good pictures. All you need is your cell phone and you are ready. Maybe just make sure that your space is clear and get ready to take thousands of incredible photos of you and your family. Once you get home, you can make sure to brag about the memories you made with all of your friends and other family and have the proof to back you up! Don’t forget to create albums that you can share with your friends on social networks, as well as to use the hashtags of the places you visited so that other travelers are encouraged to indulge in the same experiences! 

Share with us your favorite family experiences and tell us how you connected with your children in Sandos, we would love to hear your story! 

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