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The Secret Pool at Sandos Caracol

Posted on 2 m read

A place not everyone knows about, but everyone can enjoy.

Did you know that during your stay, in addition to cenotes, the main pool, the Aqua Park and the beach, you can take another dip totally included?

If you already know this spot at Sandos Caracol, we’re sure that you love its privacy (more privacy than the main pool); if you haven’t seen it yet, we have a secret to reveal:

Tortuga Pool

With a name that means “Turtle Pool”, this spot is a gem for when you want to relax while still having fun and enjoying summer in the jungle. It’s the perfect place to have a quiet afternoon with your friends.

This pool was recently renovated, so you can rest assured that it’s in optimal condition to welcome you and your family on your vacation. And best of all, it has its own bar! Do you see all those bottles?


You can escape the heat and enjoy a delicious coconut margarita while watching the crystal clear water from your lounger and listening to the birds that fly through the surrounding jungle.

Or get up and enjoy some personalized and colorful cocktails! Our bartenders will be happy to serve you their best drinks!


As much as we’d love to keep this pool a secret, we feel we have a moral obligation to let you know where it’s located so that you can discover this little treasure for yourself on your next visit to Sandos Caracol.

Located in the natural environment of our resort, this chill-out pool offers a space where our dear guests can enjoy a quieter atmosphere, with a bar right next to the pool.

If it gets a bit complicated to find, don’t worry! There are maps along the way that will help you find your way to the pool and all around the hotel.

You can easily reach this pool after a good Mexican breakfast at Las Mascaras by taking the path between buildings 12 and 13.

Keep your eyes wide open!

When you arrive at your destination, don’t forget to keep an eye out! After all, you’re at an eco resort in the Riviera Maya and Tortuga Pool is near the edge of the resort, so you’re sure to spot some spider monkey or coatis hanging around.

That’s why we recommend using your smartphone camera without flash (so you don’t disturb them), and of course, please do NOT feed the animals; they can survive perfectly well off the natural elements and they love to be around the hotel, no matter how secret the place is.

So, are you ready for your next adventure at Sandos Caracol? If you’ve already visited Tortuga Pool, show us your photos in the comments! And if you haven’t discovered this beautiful place yet, book your stay now for a Playa del Carmen vacation that you will never forget.

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