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A Day in the Spa at Sandos Cancun 

The best spa in Cancun is located inside Sandos Cancun, and it has the awards and recognition to prove it. Has it ever happened to you that when you return from your vacation, you feel as though you need another rest from all of the activities you did during your getaway?

Well, if you answered yes we have a solution: a day at the spa! When you stay in a wellness-focused hotel like Sandos Cancun, you can expect to be  spoiled on a level that only the best spas in the world can offer 

As you arrive, you can quickly feel the warmth of the Spa del Mar as you are received with total comfort and care, accompanied by a cool towel, and transformed into a tropical outfit consisting of a soft robe and slippers! Everything is done so that from the moment you arrive, you start your journey to complete relaxation!  

By the way, it is very important that you complete the entry sheet to the spa with complete sincerity, this is where you will reflect not only the places that you would like the treatment to focus on but also a disease or condition that helps specialists know if you are fit to receive therapy or if you need special care.

1. Complete treatment

In Sandos Cancun, one of the most popular treatments is the complete Sandos Special, and it deserves the fame, and here’s why: The Sandos Special is a package that includes a deep tissue massage and extensions designed to release tension and any contracture you might have after dancing all night at Bar One! In addition to the deep tissue, the therapists use hot stones, foot reflexology, acupressure points, and of course, aromatherapy! This complete treatment is promised to transport you to the quietest corner of your mind into complete tranquility.

2. Hydrotherapy

Prepare to feel totally pampered, because no matter what spa treatment you decide upon, it always includes the hydrotherapy circuit! This circuit consists of a steam room, a sauna, a cold pit, and a hot tub with jets!

There will be a ballet to assist you through the process of the hydrotherapy circuit, from letting you know when you need to shower before the next stage of the circuit to bringing you a refreshing drink like a delicious tea so that you remain hydrated, they will also be there to answer any questions you may have thought the circuit!

Tip: Don’t be afraid to enter the cold pit! Yes, it’s true; the water is very cold, but it is only for a very short time (a few seconds), and right away, you will notice how, when you enter the hot tub, your muscles relax completely.

Even during the sauna and the steam room, we recommend that you remain well hydrated! This therapy focuses on sudden changes in temperature that have endless properties, the same as your ballet will be more than happy to explain, in addition to asking every 5 or 10 minutes how you feel, so that you are able to relax and get the most out of the hydrotherapy circuit.

Tip: If you want to use the hydrotherapy circuit before your spa treatment, you must arrive at least 50 minutes in advance. Remember, don’t forget your swimsuit!

After the hydrotherapy circuit, you will be more than ready for your treatment! The therapist will arrive and explain all of the benefits and functions of your treatment; this is the time to outline any preferences of special attention on the body you may need, as surely you will have written on your entry sheet.

3. Nausicaa

If alternative therapies are your thing, this is perfect for you! The Spa del Mar in Cancun has a cabin that offers Nausicaa, an experience you will not want to miss! This treatment uses water in two forms: liquid and steam; it also includes chromotherapy and essential oils! 

Nausicaa only exists in a few spas around the world, and it combines several steps so that you will achieve a feeling of total well-being. Total exclusivity is available at Spa del Mar during your escape to the Caribbean!

4. More Treatment Facilities 

Alongside our incredible hydrotherapy circuit, our resort spa offers so much and more. We believe in total relaxation and at Sandos Cancun, and that as to why we provide plenty of options for our guests. A body treatment doesn’t necessarily need to mean a massage; it can be you on your own relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. 

At Sandos Cancun, we offer a clay steam room that will help detoxicate your body and a refreshing plunge pool and sensations pool where you can connect with yourself in a relaxing and soothing environment. Take advantage of everything Sandos Cancun Spa del Mar has to offer and put your rejuvenation in the most trusted hands in the Caribbean.  

5. Treatments

In addition, Spa del Mar in Sandos Cancun offers body and facial treatments that will leave your skin radiant thanks to the moisturizers and antioxidants that are put on your face and body. Indulge in a full body treatment, body scrub, or take a moment to relax and release stress with a facial massage. You will be free from stress and fatigue, perfect so that you can fully enjoy your vacation!


If you loved the hydrotherapy and you would like to experience it again, of course, it is available before AND after your treatment if you wish! The only time you should avoid it is if you received a body wrap as you should give your body a chance to finish absorbing all the therapeutic properties, but don’t worry because you can later access the circuit within the same day at no extra additional cost!

In the Spa del Mar at Sandos Cancun (and any of the other Sandos hotels), the staff will help you feel in complete harmony with your body and mind, thus reaching the ideal balance of well-being.

5. Traditional Mayan Methods 

In the State of Quintanroo, there is a strong Mayan presence within the state. At Sandos Cancun, we take pride in supporting and showing travelers the Mayan people’s incredible practices and how these traditional and ancient Mayan traditions can help rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, unlike other common treatments. 

With Mayan inspired treatments using natural ingredients and methods such as medicinal herbs, ancient tools, and traditional techniques, choosing these treatments is unique. We strongly suggest all spa-goers looking for something new to try. 

6. Plenty of Spa Options 

Our treatments offered at our high-class spa provide endless options to choose from, as we mentioned above. Treatments, including rituals, full bodies, facials, and special packages, allow each guest to choose something they love. We also offer a variety of different treatment rooms and places such as the beach, relaxing rooms, two-person rooms for couples, and of course, a soothing and sensual treatment suite. During your stay, approach the experts at Spa del Mar, and they will help you pick the perfect treatment and package for you. 

Additional Spa Benefits

Did you know that in addition to the Spa del Mar, Sandos Cancun has other wellness benefits such as a fully equipped gym and a beauty salon? Whether you’re looking to stay fit during your vacation, have a makeover and or pedicure, or get ready for a special day, our experts are there to help you in every way!

During your stay, you can also purchase additional packages that include personalized amenities such as the “Romantic Getaway” package with aromatherapy, a 5-way special pairing dinner, a bottle of champagne, and other special amenities ideal for when you stay as a couple.*

Guests can also book the Health and Wellness” package, which in addition to a personal trainer in the gym, exercise and mindfulness channel, and a cooking class with the Chef, includes an incredible discount of 30% off of a couples sports massage! 

Relieve your body and relax your mind by booking a treatment at Spa del Mar here.

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