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The Red Mountain: Hiking Route in Playa Blanca

Posted on 6 m read
Red Mountain
Hiking route to the Montaña Roja Volcano

In Lanzarote, there are many different hiking trails; some offer experiences that will take your breath right away. We are talking about places that are unlike any other that you have visited, allowing you to enjoy the best views of the island. This is what the Red Mountain Volcano in Playa Blanca is all about, and we highly recommend a hiking adventure here! Do you want to learn more about the famous Red Mountain? Keep reading to find out more.

The Red Mountain Volcano

Lanzarote is commonly known as the island of volcanoes, a magical island dominated by fire’s thrilling energy. Each step you take when visiting this jaw-dropping volcano helps you connect with the heartbeat of Mother Nature. As if from a piece of art, this island is painted in reddish tones and was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Volcanic landscape in Lanzarote

If you are a fan of trekking and you want to know the best of each site that you can witness while traveling on foot, the ascent to the Red Mountain is the best option for you. This dormant volcano is situated in the south of Lanzarote on the eastern end of Playa Blanca (Yaiza). It is 196 meters high, 350 meters wide, and has a huge crater that is about 50 meters deep.

This beautiful natural paradise sums up the essence of the island: a landscape that evokes powerful feelings, calmness, and tranquility. Its unique colors are reminiscent of Mars and faces the ocean. What more could you want?

Like most volcanoes around the world, there are hardly any traces of vegetation, giving the Red Mountain its name. There are several legends that accompany the Red Mountain, especially within the crater. Some say that they have witnessed aliens, UFOs, and even satanic rituals inside. Of course, there is no evidence that supports these claims and rumors, but doesn’t it make you want to explore it even more?

Red Mountain

But how far is the red mountain from Playa Blanca? 3 km, approx. About a 40-minute walk (5 minutes by car).

Hiking Through the Red Mountain

How about a walk where you can enjoy special moments with loved ones and the incredible views from above? There are several trails that you can take on the Red Mountain, and though they are not difficult, you always have to be careful, especially on windy days.

But don’t worry; though the journey may be challenging, it is totally worth the effort, especially when you ascend. You will enjoy fantastic views of the beach and the entire coast of Playa Blanca from the Papagayo Beaches to the Faro Pechiguera areas.

Here you can also appreciate the beauty of the island of Fuerteventura and the islet of Los Lobos. Not only will you enjoy the breathtaking views of Playa Blanca, but you will also see the coastal area that stretches from Faro Pechiguera to the town of El Golfo, seeing all the beauty of the Los Charcones.

Views from the Red Mountain Volcano

Remember to always be careful of loose ash that covers the basalt rocks; the last thing you want is to slip and fall during your journey. Descending into the crater is easy, even easier than going up the volcano. If you decide to climb the mountain from the north slope, you will see a path that descends to the center. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no camping allowed on the mountain.

If you are in search of accommodation to go along with your trekking adventures, Sandos Atlantic Gardens is located on the slopes of the Red Mountain. Here you can go on this beautiful and enriching excursion and take part in our new program of activities that we are launching this summer.

You absolutely cannot miss out! During this excursion, with the help of a holistic expert, you will discover an extraordinary sensation of well-being that comes from walking on this type of mountain. Once the goal is reached, you will be able to relax during a sensual meditation session in the crater of the volcano. A unique experience in a unique environment that will help you disconnect from everyday worries and connect with nature in a way like no other.

Discover Ocean & Volcano Experience

When you are looking for a destination that combines nature, mouth-watering gastronomy, tranquility, peace, and great weather, Lanzarote needs to be your next vacation destination. Sandos Atlantic Gardens, situated on the impressive beach promenade of Playa Blanca, is a beautiful and quiet place with bungalows surrounded by the gardens of Lanzarote.

This charming hotel is designed for adults (16+) who want a getaway to truly leave their worries behind and become one with their body and mind through nature, hikes, activities, and so much more. During summer, we are welcoming a new addition to our resort. We have created an activity program that is completely focused on the well-being of our guests. The pandemic has impacted our lives, and now it is time to start appreciating the little things that make us happy, taking care of our mental and physical health.

Couple on the terrace of the bungalow

The Ocean & Volcano Experience is our brand new holistic activity program where experts help you perform mindfulness and meditation exercises. These activities will help you find the perfect balance between the body and mind. Meet the new Ocean & Volcano Experience.

As an added bonus, we have a great surprise for all lovers of nature: plants! Indulge in some time in our eco-garden, an integrative agriculture project in which we carry out activities with our guests so that they experience first-hand the different processes of growing vegetables, aromatic plants, etc. Discover the eco-activities in our eco-garden.

Disconnect at Sandos Atlantic Gardens

At Sandos Atlantic Gardens, there is a new way to vacation! Our new Holistic Bungalow package is ideal for enjoying a few days of rest and relaxation in combination with our amazing guided holistic program.

Our comfortable bungalows have a private terrace and direct access to the wonderful and well-kept gardens. In addition, there is an infinity pool awaiting you so that you can cool off during warm days.

A quiet hotel, perfect for couples

Lanzarote, another rhythm of life

Lanzarote is the island of the wind and the sun, surrounded by a deep blue ocean. This quiet island is without crowds, has room for all travelers from around the world, and provides time for everything. It is the ideal place for a vacation where you can truly disconnect, something that we have all been craving lately. Also, don’t miss out on the incredible climate throughout the year, where there’s never not a good time to come.

Discover the culture and traditions of the Canary Islands, beaches, towns, and the famous Timanfaya Natural Park; there is everything and more for all travelers. Visits to Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca, and Playa Flamingo are just a few of the many mini-adventures you can go on on this small but intense island.

In the Destination Lanzarote section on our website, you can explore the places to go and things to do during your next adventure. You can also discover more hiking routes in our blog post: Hiking in Lanzarote. Here you will find the best hikes to take part in with your friends or special someone.

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