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One Buffet to Rule Them All: Festival

Posted on 4 m read

Oh yeah! This is not only one of the best hotels in Riviera Maya thanks to its unbelievable beach, but for its delicious food. That’s where our little secret comes in: Festival Buffet is our favorite.

Usually the best restaurants at an all inclusive are the à la carte restaurants (and ours are yumm!!) but Festival is a ONE OF A KIND buffet. If you don’t believe us, keep reading.


It’s available for all three meals


That’s right, 7 am and it’s ready to go. Pancakes, fruits, natural juices, omelette station… What’s your choice? Sandos Playacar starts the day with colors and great flavors at Festival. Everything is set up so our guests will be delighted by each food station.



Then, just as everyone’s done with breakfast and ready to head to the Sandos beach or pools, our waiter captains and chefs happily rush to change the menus, a different lunch menu for each day, and a true food festival is about to begin at this restaurant.

At 12:30 pm, the restaurant opens its doors to the entire family, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of space for everybody (but let’s talk about that later). The first thing you’ll see behind our hostess is the bread bar with all kinds of baked goods. The texture is just right, and you’ll find garlic bread, all-grain breads and even nuts, and well… this is just the beginning, since the next station over is all about cheese. You’ll love it!



Around lunchtime, our chefs will pamper you with a personalized pasta station; you choose the ingredients, and they’ll cook it for you. And of course, guac is an absolute must for lunch, and you’ll find it at our Mexican food station.



A buffet for everyone!

Kids, adults, large parties or couples, everybody can join us at Festival. It’s true that we have special options for couples, but we promise that if you try even one meal at Festival, you’ll find yourself having a good time socializing with other guests, too.


The true meaning of Festival Buffet is reflected in its design, planned to offer space for everybody, with the food perfectly displayed so you can feel free in this spacious restaurant without being too far from the buffet.

Every station is placed to make it easy to move from one side to the other without needing to wait in a long line. On the contrary, our buffet service is so fast that you’ll find yourself sampling a little bit of everything.

What we actually have in abundance is plenty of space, the passion of serving our guests, and the love our chefs have when preparing your food every day. There’s no Sandos Playacar guest who hasn’t enjoyed a visit to this vibrant buffet restaurant.


Wherever you turn, you’ll be having fun!



As you enter the restaurant, you’ll see smiling faces greeting you with things like, “Good morning, Ms Smith. How are you dong today?” This is especially impressive since our resort has about a thousand guestrooms, but our staff still learns your name, your likes, your dislikes… service is truly top-notch at this hotel.

Once you reach your table, the waiter is already serving you a refreshing glass of cold water, lemonade, or maybe a beer. While you’re still deciding on a cocktail, you decide to walk around the restaurant. Like we said, it’s a big place with a wide variety of beautifully displayed food, but how about the music? The lighting, the colors, all the artwork on the walls… everything is designed to catch your interest. You’ll even discover something new about each country at Festival Buffet, and not just their food!


Everything is colorful in here.


Then you reach the center of the buffet and see that big screen showing relaxing or energy-inducing videos, depending on the day’s theme and the time of day. Festival reminds you that you’re on vacation, and that’s something that will always make you smile.


The food is delish!! 

Thank goodness our Spa del Mar has just the best gym in the Riviera Maya, and they have boot camps to keep healthy while vacation, otherwise it would be way too complicated to stay fit!


It’s very normal to see a buffet and want to try  e v e r y t h i n g! Usually everything looks so enticing, and guess what? At Festival, it really is.

It would be impossible to describe every single dish that gets served here because there are just so many, but let’s highlight a few of them…

Breakfast is all about personalized eggs, bread and energy. If you’re visiting us from another country (and our Mexican guests will love them, too), we especially recommend you try our authentic Mexican breakfast food: Chilaquiles, Mexican-style eggs, and even tamales! Yes, we eat them any time of day.


Later on in the day, our Mexican corner will have items like tostadas, flautas, and very Mexican salsas.

Our dessert buffet is another huge highlight, from classic chocolate cake and ice cream to a mouthwatering flan. Of course you’ll even want to make this dish for yourself after you return home!



Nighttime is another big culinary experience: our proteins like meats and grilled vegetables are delicious, and we have a different menu every night. Sometimes you’ll find Asian night or Greek night, all in the same restaurant. And you know what? You can stop by anytime, no reservation required, from 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm.



Even with our high praises, we still might not be doing justice to the amazing Festival Buffet restaurant. You’ll just have to try it for yourself on your next Playa del Carmen vacation! 




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