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Samuel, 11 Years Smiling at Sandos

Posted on 2 m read

There is nothing that makes us gladder than having people like Samuel Ku (Sammy, to his friends) on our team. This Waiter Captain is a man who not only stands out because of his smile, but also for offering his vast experience and kindness towards those who stay at Sandos Caracol.

Samuel was recently transferred to La Laguna restaurant after working at Los Lirios restaurant and spending 11 years as a member of the Sandos family. What a journey!


At Sandos Hotels & Resorts, we feel proud of people like him who help us to be a favorite hotel for the families who visit us. Our hotel staff is always receptive to Sam’s knowledge in the food and beverage area, expertise he is always glad to share.

One of his collaborators, Gener Jimenez, mentions that Samuel is constantly paying attention to the team’s health, even to their emotional well-being. “He is always asking how we are, what we need. He is a very considerate man.”

“Even when we have problems, Mr. Ku gives us advice. The truth is that he’s a human being who always encourages you to meditate on things,” says Angel Moises, one of the waiters who work with him.


Thanks to such solid and professional people like Samuel, we have been able to obtain certifications like Distintivo H, a recognition granted to food and beverage establishments that meet the highest hygiene standards, acknowledging us as a company that’s passionate about service.

For example, among Sammy’s stories are the many occasions where guests with special requirements like allergies, conditions or food preferences have received his personalized care. He (literally!) takes our guests to see and talk with the cooks and let them know about the options Sandos has for them.


“…Everything from the rooms, the overall cleanliness, and the customer care is excellent. Regarding the staff, I would like to congratulate the attention given by Samuel, who works in Los Liriosrestaurant. He was respectful, attentive and gentle, always with a kind smile on his face. Many thanks to all and congratulations to SandosCaracol, a hotel worthy of recommending.” TripAdvisor comment fromGerardo708 of Lomas de Zamora, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Comment edited for clarity and concision)

We are honored that Samuel chooses to be a part of Sandos, while making his professional success an example for the new Sandos Caracol family members.


If you want to experience the service provided every day by people like Samuel, don’t forget to book your stay at Sandos Caracol.

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  • Amy
    September 5, 2017

    Sammy is the BEST! Love him, please let him know the Abbruzzese family says “hello”!

    • Sandos Hotels
      September 19, 2017

      Of course we will, Amy! We love him too <3