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How to pack a suitcase to save space

Posted on 4 m read

Here are some recommendations to save space when packing a suitcase without getting all stressed out (and leaving room for the souvenirs you buy!)

We’ve all been there. We’re so excited about our next vacation that things go one of two ways: we began to pack our suitcase a month before we leave and take along all kinds of unnecessary accessories, or we pack at the very last minute and forget our toothbrush.

This is why we’re here to give you some guidance to save space in your luggage, and best of all is that those little spaces of leftover room are perfect for packing a few souvenirs when you return home.

  1. Keep rollin’ rollin’…

You’ll be amazed at all the space you can save when rolling every piece of clothing instead of folding. To pack like a pro, we especially suggest that you put rolled socks inside your shoes and wrap them in a shower cap or a plastic bag to protect your clothing from damage and dirt.

If you wear button-up shirts, you’ll want to keep the collars stiff, so rolled belts are ideal for maintaining their shape, or you can wrap the belt around the perimeter of the bag to save yourself a few square inches.



  1. Stay comfortable

If you don’t want to travel with your hat/cap on, you can fill it with scarves or socks, then put more clothes evenly around the brim/visor so it stays firm.

Save space and keep your suitcase organized by storing cables and chargers inside a sunglasses hard case.



  1. Use technology

Take advantage of technology and bring some e-books on your smartphone or tablet instead of carrying traditional books.

Although it’s not quite the same, you might consider bringing those mini-lenses for the camera of your smartphone instead of a separate digital camera. You will save weight and worries.



  1. Travel the smart way

Choose a suitcase made of flexible material if you’re not bringing fragile items; these bags are much more adaptable to the shape and load you carry in them.



  1. Wear it… but don’t exaggerate!

Wear the heaviest and bulkiest clothes, like jackets or rain gear, so they won’t take up valuable space inside your luggage.

Even if you have many clothing items from which to choose, it’s always better and more comfortable to travel light and not carry much weight, so we advise you to limit the number and style of your shoes (one formal pair, one for the beach, and one sporty) and again, wear the bulkiest ones.



  1. Don’t forget the souvenirs!

As for souvenirs or little gifts, always choose the ones that are small and light, like magnets and postcards, so they don’t take up much room in your travel suitcase.

  1. You’re traveling, not moving…

In order to travel light, it’s always advisable to wash clothes during your stay. Take dresses and reversible clothes or swimsuits, pack basic t-shirts, etc.

Also avoid heavy fabrics like denim, and replace them with soft fabrics that are also more breezy and comfortable. If you wear dresses, don’t forget to pack some!They’re a complete garment in a single piece of clothing.



  1. You don’t need a crystal ball to check the weather

The are some apps and web pages that allow you to check the weather during your vacation dates so you can avoid packing unnecessary items and you can be aware of what awaits you on your next trip. We recommend you to take a look at or The Weather Network.


  1. Remember: “a stitch in time saves nine”

Check the amenities of the hotel where you will stay, so you don’t repeat items like soap, shampoo or hairdryers. Also, invest in travel versions of some products like hairbrushes, toothpaste, solid perfume, and sunscreen.

If your trip is short, you can store some liquid makeup in empty contact lens cases or straws (and close the ends with a hot iron). For powdered products, fill a pair of swabs and store them in a resealable bag.

Get extra space in your suitcase and forget the extra worries. At the end of the day, there’s nothing you could forget that you couldn’t find in your destination, so don’t stress out! There will always be a solution for everything. If you need help with anything, you can stop by the concierge area during your stay at any Sandos hotel.

Remember that you can also use the extra room to bring donations like new clothing and school supplies, which we receive at each Sandos hotel in Mexico through our Pack for a Purpose program that benefits and supports local communities.

Don’t forget to book your stay at your favorite Sandos hotel. We’ll see you here!

What other packing tips can you give us? Tell us in the comments!


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