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Behind every good party, there is a great DJ

Posted on 3 m read

Do you know the history of DJs? Although it seems to be a term conceived in the eighties, you will be surprised to know its origins…

What would any party be without those passionate people who bring their turntable to all kinds of places and make the crowds dance? What would The Rhythm Experience be?


DJs (or disc jockeys) have much more history than you imagine. In 1935, US radio host Walter Winchell coined the term while describing the work of Martin Block, the first announcer who became famous thanks to his radio programs with recorded music.

In 1943, the first DJ party was launched by DJ Jimmy Savile when he mixed jazz records in Otley, England. It is said that he was the first to use double-disc turntables in 1947.

A different rhythm every day

At Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort, we look for the freshness and natural energy characterized by DJs, so we created The Rhythm Experience, a program that includes a different rhythm for each day of the week by DJ Jesus Nava, an expert in creating happiness among everyone who hears his beats.

Every day of your vacation, you can enjoy excellent mixes specially designed to create a unique atmosphere during your stay. And if you want to know how to spend the ideal weekend as a couple in Cancun, we have the solution.

Order your favorite drinks to accompany Fusion and Vibes Mondays; or celebrate Thirsty Tuesdays with Sax on the Beach; or enjoy the most popular music during Pop Hits Wednesdays; or vibe with the percussionists who accompany the DJ on Thursdays with Sounds of the Stars; there’s even a violinist on Funky Beats Fridays!

On the weekends, you can experience theme parties on Saturdays or chill-out sessions during a nice Sunday by the pool. Can you picture anything more perfect?


Meet the genius behind the beats

DJ Jesus Nava is 26 years old and has been at Sandos for two years. The favorite genres of this Mexican DJ are deephouse and house. With a sincere smile, he says that what he loves most about his work is seeing the guests enjoy the music, whatever the genre may be.

He loves to interact and to have a job where he can have fun every day doing what he likes most; he’s also a producer and has his music on several channels such as Spotify, SoundCloud and BeatPort. Bet you didn’t imagine that!

Under the rays of the Caribbean sun, Jesus remembers that it was around 2006 that his love for electronic music began when he played at small local parties; today, he has played at international festivals like BPM and is responsible for setting The Rhythm Experience at Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort.

“You have to feel the music,” says Jesus Nava, while commenting that what he likes most about music is that there are no labels for it.

In 2016, Jesus was able to position his track “House Transitions” (under the Nervouse label) at number 34 of the best Tech House tracks on the TraxSource page, so you can be sure that when you stay at Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort, you’ll be listening to everything from popular music to 100% original tracks produced by an expert DJ known by many people around the world.

At Sandos Cancun, we love to set the ambience of your vacation and give you different rhythms throughout the week, which is why we bring you The Rhythm Experience. Don’t miss it and book now!


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