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Mangrove Crab Reproduction

Posted on 1 m read

Mangrove Crab Reproduction At Sandos Caracol

Want to witness the mangrove crab reproduction cycle? During the months of September and October guests at Sandos Caracol Eco Resport and Spa will have an opportunity to witness the peak time in the reproductive cycle of mangrove crabs.

These large, land-dwelling crabs live in and among mangroves, and they have a variety of significant ecological roles. They maintain the energy chain in mangrove areas by burying and consuming vegetative debris, and they contribute to the airation and health of the ground by burrowing their large holes in the earth and mud.

Mangrove crab eggs, which they lay on the edges of the water, provide a key food source for young fish.  Mangrove crabs, themselves, are also a key source of food for threatened birds, such as the Crab Plover.

Mangrove crab reproductionRemoving these crabs from an area has been shown to cause increases in chemicals such as sulfides and ammonium which negativly impacts the overall health and productivity of the mangrove forest.

Visitors to Sandos Caracol can learn more about the important role of these crabs by reviewing some of the following resources:

Smithsonian Marine Station

Network of Aqauculture Centers

Mud Crab Aquculture


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  • Leia kelly
    October 6, 2012

    I hav got bck from sandos caracol 4 days ago I am missing everything about it like there show and then there dances afterwards like salsa which was my favourite cause carlitos Cain emir Edgar and lorene and marisol were the best and merengue tango. Also 70&80s disco Mexican night and show before that was the best night at sandos. In the day time time u would do darts water polo crazy games dance lesson everything u can think of they will never stop to keep your holiday packed and a big shout out to eliser when I had really bad sun burnt he let me stay with him in the sports bar till it got better then he didn’t want me to leave and also teaching him the salsa trying to get his hips to move and god he was good very sexy. And carlitos was the main salsa teacher with lorene and best dancers Ever and laughing at me when I was tryin to do it and finally got better and won the competition. And Cain he used to teach darts and he would always distract me on my go by making this weird cricket noise every time I went up no one else which was very distracting. No wonder I always lost. And emir always taking the mick out my accent. And made me try this horrible drink its was absolutely disgusting and I always used to pluck his curly arm hair and he always used to pluck my hair but mine wasn’t curly. And then one of the waiters Benjamin looked like Joey of friends so I called him joey for the whole holiday everytime I would see him it would be joey. And hector,Edgar who always used to cheat on our games tramporza(cheat). And victor who was the bell boy and talked to me bowt when he was touring around Europe and when he let me drive on the cars but I couldn’t coz of mum wanted me to be with her. And I love everyone at sandos especially entertainers eliser the most I loved then carlitos Edgar augusto and all the others at Samos caracol Eco resort and spa

    • Sandos Hotels
      October 22, 2012

      It seems you had a great time at Sandos! Thank you for sharing your opinion, come back soon 🙂