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Do you like to dive? Your new place is Lanzarote

Posted on 4 m read

One thing that makes this island so amazing is the sea. An endless sea which lets you freely enjoy it on your vacation. One of those possibilities is to dive  in Lanzarote.

Our island hides magnificent treasures underwater, and that is why many divers consider Lanzarote as one of the most important areas in Europe to dive in. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the sport. It has more than 100 outstanding immersion points, making it a perfect excuse to return, visit us, and be able to enjoy all of our seabeds. Do you want to dive into this wonderful island? If you have not yet tried to start in this world, you can take a diving course and then do your first dives during your vacation.

Diving with Sandos Papagayo

Excellent visibility, volcanic reefs, and warm water temperatures make diving on our island one of the best options for relaxation and enjoyment of this beautiful sport. Beacuse of it you will see large cliffs near the coast, caves, sunken ships, volcanic tubes, and coral forests. You also may see large marine species such as angel sharks, groupers, or barracudas, and smaller species such as moray eels, conger eels, horse mackerel, and so many more. All this is possible in Lanzarote.

Diving in Lanzarote
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Lanzarote also has numerous diving centers, where you can develop your experience and help you indicate the most beautiful and safe places to dive.

The main four immersion areas of our island are: Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen, Northwest Coast, and of course, the Chinijo Archipelago, where La Graciosa Island is located. One of the largest marine reserves in Europe where you can find the largest marine biodiversity in the Canary Islands. If you dive, you cannot leave Lanzarote without visiting this area.


Sandos Papagayo in Lanzarote

At our hotel, Sandos Papagayo, you will have the opportunity to spend a family holiday surrounded by nature. And, in addition, discover all of these treasures, starting with the first underwater museum in Europe, the Atlantic Museum, which is located in front of our facilities about 12 to 14 meters deep.

A museum that has been created with impressive sculptures by the artist Jason de Caires Taylor which has recently been made free. This is a place for diving enthusiasts and those who are lovers of defending nature and biodiversity. Although these sculptures in the museum are incredible, they are anchors for the biodiversity of the area. Thanks to the material used to create them, perforated neutral pH concrete. It promotes the grip of the different marine species, generating a very rich space in biodiversity that facilitates reproduction and increases marine biomass.

In addition, the museum is a controlled space, and it allows diving to be non-intrusive and as respectful to the environment as possible. An artificial reef is created in which native marine species are able to inhabit.

Atlantic museum map. Picture by Rubicon Diving.

Organize the excursion to dive in the Atlantic Museum

Directly within the hotel, we work with the diving center Rubicón Diving. They organize excursions to the underwater museum created by the artist, Jason. Rubicón Diving  is also located in another center in Playa Blanca called Marina Rubicón, where you can also book an excursion to the museum and explore its underground world.

Make your reservation here.


At our hotel, Sandos Atlantic Gardens, you will find the peace and tranquility necessary to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in an idyllic and natural environment where you can disconnect and reconnect with yourself. You will have the possibility to spend a romantic vacation surrounded by nature and, in addition, discover the fabulous Timanfaya National Park. Its routes, including our fabulous excursion to The Red Mountain that is included in the Live the Volcano Experience.

You can also check the safety and hygiene measures that we have established in our accommodation here. Travel safe since the Canarian government has reinforced its commitment to the safety and tranquility of travelers. By offering guaranteed travel coverage that covers medical expenses, medical repatriation or extension of the stay in quarantine for 15 days. Look here for more information.

A variety of options for your holidays

Also, remember that we have different offers depending on what you need. If you travel alone, with a partner, or if you are over 55 years old, you will find offers and promotions so that you can enjoy your next holiday at the best price. See Offers.

If you are a digital nomad, we also offer the possibility of teleworking from the hotel. Is there any better way to end the workday than with a dip in the pool and a refreshing cocktail from one of our bars? Also, if you need a comfortable place to have a meeting and or make video calls, we have special meeting rooms and packages for business events; make sure to check directly with our staff!

And remember that Lanzarote has not only a volcano on land but also an underwater one. Are you really going to miss out on this opportunity?

Island of Lanzarote

Consult the following guide where you will find the best diving guide created by a team of professionals from The Biosphere Reserve. It will help you enormously on your visit to Lanzarote.


We also recommend this other post where you can find out about the new security and hygiene measures that we have taken in our hotels for your safety. We are ready to see you and continue offering you an amazing vacation! See, it’s time to meet again.


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