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Beachfront Vacation, Select the Best Destination in Mexico

Posted on 5 m read

Going on vacation is meant to be fun, relaxing, and full of long-lasting memories with your travel companions. There is no better way to combine all of this than with a beachfront vacation in one of Mexico’s best beachfront destinations. They take relaxation and new experiences to the next level. Therefore, before you book your next holiday, take a moment to learn more about beachfront getaways and what location in Mexico is right for you. 

A Beachfront Vacation Perfect for the Entire Family 

Our first stop in Mexico takes us to the Caribbean sea and white sand beaches in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Full of rich culture, exciting adventures, delicious cuisine, and so much more, there is something for the entire family everywhere you look, on and off the resort. Some of the top activities to take part in during your beachfront vacation in the area include the following: 

  1. Adventure Parks: One of the best family-friendly activities to participate in is visiting one of the many adventure parks close to Playa del Carmen. Imagine ziplining through the jungle as you gaze upon local flora and fauna before letting go into a freshwater cenote steps away from the beautiful Caribbean Sea! 
  2. Parasailing: Feel the ocean breeze running through your hair as you and your family soar through the air with a giant parachute connected to a boat taking you over the water. 
  3. Walk and Shop on 5th Avenue: Another great thing to do is to visit the famous 5th avenue in Playa del Carmen. Here you and the family can take a nice walk by the beach and explore the different local and international products offered. We suggest getting something local to commemorate your unforgettable vacation. 

All-Inclusive Beachfront Resorts in Playa del Carmen 

Now, the most important thing to consider before your getaway is where you will stay for your beachfront family holiday in this beautiful destination. Luckily, Sandos Hotels & Resorts has two unique options to suit all ages. 

Sandos Playacar 

If you are searching for a true dream-like beach getaway in Mexico, Sandos Playacar is the best place for you and your family. The resort boasts options for the entire family, including an all-inclusive beach and pool area, the LITE Teens Club, and the Kids club for the little ones. However, that’s not all. 

At this resort, you all can enjoy excellent all-inclusive benefits around every corner. The resort offers: 

  • Mini Golf 
  • Family beachside pool area with an infinity pool and swim-up bar, an aqua park, and a snack bar close by. 
  • An extensive beach entertainment/activities program every day. 
  • Various restaurants, each offering international dishes such as Italian, Brazilian, Mexican, and Asian cuisine. 
  • A cupcake cafe perfect for a morning coffee and a burrito restaurant for afternoon snacks. 
  • Nightly entertainment program with a different performance each night. 

Sandos Caracol

This unique beachside resort is also situated deep within the Riviera Maya Jungle, offering guests an authentic eco-getaway. You and your family will get the best of both worlds, the beach and nature! When you aren’t on the beach or in the beachside family pool area soaking in the sun, you will be sliding down one of the slides at the grand aqua park for children, teens, and adults or enjoying one of the many eco-activities parts of the All Nature Experience. Some of these fantastic and unique activities include: 

  • A bike ride through the jungle 
  • Snorkeling in a vast freshwater cenote 
  • Floating down a mangrove river
  • Planting a tree and leaving your footprint on the resort 
  • Visiting the rescued animal farm 
  • Among others 

You and your family will check into the Riviera Family Section, where the jungle is embodied in the detail of your all-inclusive suite. In the evenings, after enjoying a delicious meal at one of the restaurants, you can experience amazing shows, such as local Mayan Cultural performances. 

An Adult-Only Beachfront Vacation in Mexico 

If you are an adult traveler looking to take advantage of all the adult fun and excitement a beachfront vacation can offer, then Cancun is the place for you and your travel partners. Get ready for pleasure morning, day, and night as you explore the city and all it has to offer, alongside relaxing in your all-inclusive hotel with special amenities and services to make your vacation incredible. Some of the things to check out during your beachfront getaway to Cancun include: 

  1. Nightlife: Cancun is one of the best places in Mexico to encounter unique nightlife. With various bars and nightclubs available in and close to the Cancun Hotel Zone, we guarantee you will be able to make the most out of your vacation. 
  2. Shopping: There is nothing like getting your shopping on, and Cancun has plenty of stores and plazas to choose from, all just minutes away from the beach and turquoise tones of the Caribbean sea. 
  3. Relaxation and fun under the sun: Alongside an unmatchable nightlife, you also have plenty of beach clubs available to you. Whether you want to relax on a comfortable beach lounger or dance in the pool while enjoying your favorite cocktail, you are guaranteed to have an incredible time. 

All-Inclusive Beachfront Resort in Cancun 

Sandos Cancun is an ideal all-inclusive resort for adult travelers looking to mix fun with continuing to keep up with their healthy lifestyle habits. 3-infinity pools and unbeatable beachfront property is what is in store for you when you visit this fantastic hotel. From fun underneath the sun enjoying delicious cocktails prepared by local bartenders to participating in the Wellfit experience, including various activities and services including: 

  • Zumba 
  • Yoga 
  • Aqua aerobics
  • A fully-equipped gym 
  • Juice bar 
  • Vegan-friendly food options 
  • European-style spa 
  • And so much more 

All-Inclusive Beachfront and Mountainside Resort

Why not mix a beachside vacation with a breathtaking, all-inclusive mountainside resort? Sandos Finisterra is a one-of-a-kind beachfront resort that offers both families and adults various options for an unforgettable getaway to Los Cabos, Mexico. What can you expect? 

  1. European-style spa on the mountainside overlooking a stunning view of the entire city. 
  2. Various pools for both families and adults 
  3. Extensive activities program for all ages 
  4. Beachside and mountainside restaurants with delicious international gastronomy
  5. An ideal location situated minutes away from local shopping centers, bars, restaurants, and the marina. 

Now that you know the many different things that you can do during your beachside vacation and the places you can travel to, there is only one question to ask. Are you ready to book your next family or adult-only getaway in Mexico? 

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