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8 ways to avoid fraud when booking your vacation

Take Care When Booking

Unfortunately, on several occasions, future guests have contacted us asking about their reservation, and it turned out the company or agency they booked through was fraudulent. Sadly, the agency had never sent us the reservations, but it had charged customers; a common fraudulent practice. For this reason, we have decided to write this article so we can give some basic criteria that will help you ensure if the channel that is being chosen to make a reservation is the correct one.

Factors To Take Into Account Before Making a Reservation at and Sites Certified by Sandos

1.Ensure that the portal or agency where you book from has good customer service. Remember, when you make a reservation directly with Sandos, you will be able to see reservations made directly on the website or call center, but reservations made by third parties will have to be taken care of by them. E.g., You can see in this link the policies and good practices of customer service.

2.If your reservation is hotel-only (it is not packaged with the flight) and is “refundable,” it is very strange should they ask you for the full payment of the reservation. Only “semi-flexible” and “non-refundable” reservations require full or partial payments at the time of reservation.

3.Make sure that the agent or travel agency who is proposing you to buy a vacation has a website and good comments about their travel sales services on the internet.

4.You should always check that the page you are booking on has a security certificate, so the search engine URL will start with https://……

5.Make sure that the email used by the agent or agency is a business email and not a personal email like Gmail, Hotmail, nor a fraudulent email that emulates being from Sandos, such as Official Sandos emails always use the domain, such as 

6.The travel agent or agency should offer an IATA number or similar organization, which allows you to know that it is associated with a certifying corporation.

7.If you are booking a hotel with a flight on a regular line, in addition to flights, airports, and schedules, make sure you have the confirmation number of the airline, as indicated in this screenshot.

8.Next, we will cite some of the OTAs, wholesalers, and TTOOs that we can certify are trusted by Sandos.

Of course, the website itself: 






f. Apple Leisure Group

g. Air Canada Vacations

We hope this information is useful to you and remember that our official information channels are always at your disposal through the mail:



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