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Amazing Cuisine in Cabo San Lucas

Where Can You Get Clifftop Views and Amazing Cuisine

Don Diego, our signature restaurant at Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos, sits atop a cliff in the heart of the resort, just next to our popular Plaza Finisterra. Amazing Cuisine in Cabo San Lucas with floor-to-ceiling windows across two walls of the restaurant lead out onto a large L-shaped terrace, offering panoramic views of downtown Cabo San Lucas, San Lucas Bay, the mountains and the bustling marina. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at sunrise or sunset, the vistas from Don Diego will blow you away.

Amazing Cuisine in Cabo San Lucas

The restaurant is named after Don Diego de la Vega (famously known as Zorro). As the stories go, the masked sword-fighting outlaw was born in the town of El Fuerte Sinaloa and then traveled to California to help the poor.

Throughout Don Diego, you’ll discover unique design details. Spanish floors and tiles and Indonesian style combine with locally crafted pieces of art to create an ambiance to take your breath away.

For breakfast, guests at Sandos Finisterra fall in love with the extensive food display laid out by the open kitchen. Whether you want piping hot classic Mexican breakfasts or a plate full of fresh seasonal fruit, you’ll find it here.

At dinnertime, accompany the restaurant’s fantastic views with enticing theme dinners and innovative cuisine, available a la carte or buffet-style depending on the season. And don’t forget to order something special from the bar to pair with your meal!

Of course, every meal comes with the All Inclusive plan at Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos.

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  • Amy
    August 15, 2013

    Well done Sandos Finisterra, this looks simply fantastic! Cannot wait to see it in person in October. Blog’s like these will entice everyone to visit you in Los Cabos, and I look forward to selling this property with the same confidence I have in all Sandos Hotels & Resorts. What a welcome addition to the family!

    • Sandos Hotels
      August 28, 2013

      Thanks Amy! See you here in a few months.