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The Joy of Giving Smiles

Posted on 2 m read

The giving of gifts is so much more rewarding than receiving them; it´s knowing that you delivered more than something material, especially when giving it from the heart, as we usually do at Sandos. 


Team effort


This Kings Day, we were extremely fortunate to be the wise men. In just one day, we traveled to 11 different communities in the Mayan Zone alongside Fundación Sandos and Juguetón Azteca, as well as our dedicated guests and colleagues and Seek & Go, an expert tour company, who also supported the Sandos Foundation by taking volunteers to all 11 communities. It was a long day full of excitement for the volunteers, who, from days before, were supporting the Sandos Foundation collecting and organizing toys under the sun and rain.



Local Support 


All toys that were present were made by Mexican hands. Our team looked for producers of handmade toys from each corner of Mexico with the intention of helping small businesses and maintaining the tradition, as these special toys have entertained many generations in Mexico. These handmade toys consisted of traditional Otomi dolls called Leles, board games, wooden carts, and many more. No child was left empty-handed with more than 3,400 toys delivered throughout the 11 communities.



Helping the Planet


Not only were the donated toys handmade, but they are free of plastic as well. So, by donating each one of these toys, we gave More than a Smile to each and every child in these communities and with a significantly low environmental impact! In addition, for each toy donated, Sandos Hotels & Resorts donated another. What could be better?



Creating bonds and giving smiles


Alongside the participation of our guests, volunteers, and employees, we allied with Juguetón Azteca and celebrated its 25-year anniversary in the best way, giving smiles. The most moving thing was to see the emotion of each child, whether out of preschool or secondary school, as they received their gift. These expressions made all of the hard work and dedication worthwhile.


We want to say a special thank you to all those who participated in this smile delivery. We are sure that with your support, next year we can give so much more!




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