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That Moment When Kids Receive Toys on Three Kings Day

Posted on 2 m read

Last weekend, the Three Wise Men and the Sandos Foundation joined efforts with one common goal: giving smiles.

One of the smallest communities we visited
One of the smallest communities we visited

People throughout Mexico (as well as many other Hispanic countries) celebrate a holiday called Three Kings’ Day every January 6. Much like Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men come to leave gifts for children on this date, reenacting the Biblical passage where they bring gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child.

This weekend, the Three Wise Men visited communities in the Riviera Maya, where they visited children who most need moments of hope to mark their lives in a positive way.

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Made up of several volunteers from Sandos Hotels & Resorts, the Sandos Foundation got ready to surprise the children, although it was impossible for some kids who were present last year when the “blue wave” visited them for the first time. The campaign, named “Regala un juguete, recibe una sonrisa” (“Give a toy, get a smile” in English) started in 2016, and they were able to deliver almost 3,000 toys.

Rey MAgo saludando a niño

The Three Wise Men were messengers of light, representing everyone who responded to the Sandos Foundation’s call and donated a toy; for every toy donated, the company donated another. The communities were chosen through visits, taking into consideration areas that are economically vulnerable.

Fundación regalando un juguete

“Children enjoy knowing that someone, even without knowing them, took the time and effort to give a toy, which in turn allows them to increase their self-esteem, enthusiasm, creativity and joy … It’s not the toy alone, it’s knowing that they’re not forgotten. Their creativity is great, but the memories and moments that we give on this day are a treasure for life,” commented Ismerai Martinez, manager of the Sandos Foundation.

juguetes (7)

Fortunately, thanks to the participants’ kindness, enough toys were collected to cheer up children from five communities, who also enjoyed a beautiful performance of Mexican dance before receiving their gifts from the Three Wise Men, some princesses, and even superheroes!

jueguetes (012)

At Sandos, it’s actions like these that make us proud. Many more people were involved than just the ones you can see in the photos, and they are the ones who make this beautiful movement of hope and joy possible to help children in need.

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