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The Top 12 Moments at Sandos Hotels in 2018

Posted on 6 m read


1. The Arrival of the Sea Turtles


Sea turtles arrived at beaches all around the country of Mexico in March, including species like loggerheads, green sea turtles and olive ridleys; even though the olive ridley is among the most common sea turtle species in the world, it’s already on the endangered species list.



Olive ridley turtles come to Los Cabos and the entire Pacific Ocean every year, and they’re one of our most valued guests at Sandos Finisterra. We begin to welcome each turtle months in advance to welcome them with the VIP treatment and help preserve its life cycle. This 2018 was such a great year to this cause because we received around 50 turtles and assisted them during their stay with us!  



2. World Cup 2018

If you came  to Sandos in late June or early July 2018, you know what we’re talking about. We had a blast during this time as we went all out to celebrate the World Cup. All of our Sandos resorts had  a full month of World Cup game broadcasts every single day, as well as themed games, competitions, cookouts and parties to keep your adrenaline going throughout this international sports event.



Our guests from all over the world experienced theme parties, barbecues, and special events by the beach, and we actually played our own World Cup tournament! What a great moment to remember from 2018.


3. Celebrities and Influencers Rocked at Sandos Mexico


Did you know Rodrigo Marin made a music video at Sandos Cancun? Well, he did and it was awesome. Watch it!



The most famous girls from Brazil were here this year, too. They had so much fun discovering the cenotes at Sandos Caracol and the amazing beach views at Sandos Cancun. They shared with all their fans and our guests what’s like to experience an amazing stay Sandos Hotels.



Then late this 2018 Bruno Gissoni was here to follow the love of their friends and watch one of the best weddings ever.

This 2018 was to recognized millions of guests and future travelers to Sandos are already loving our hotels.

4. Day of the Dead 2018


Yes! Mexico has one of the best celebrations in the world, but Sandos Caracol honors it like no other place, and this 2018 was awesome.



During our guests’ early November 2018 vacation at Sandos Caracol, they saw beautiful Catrinas strolling through the hotel, visited a traditional Mexican cemetery, and experienced many other surprises.



In Mexico, Day of the Dead takes place on November 1 and 2; on these days, the souls of the deceased return to Earth to visit their families. Each family welcomes their deceased loved ones by visiting cemeteries by night and setting up altars in their homes where the souls can go to enjoy their favorite foods during their brief annual visit to the land of the living.


5.  Sandos San Blas’ 10th Anniversary

We don’t have a favorite Sandos, but for sure this is one of the most authentic, exquisite and natural. Sandos San Blas celebrated its 10th anniversary with special parties, dinners and the best entertainment. Guests and staff from all around the world cheered along with them.



6.  Sandos Playacar Opened Its Waterpark and Oceanfront Pool!


Everybody was so excited, of course, because in November all of our Sandos Playacar guests were able to have a blast in this new area of the hotel that has so many surprises. First and foremost, this area is set in a beautiful spot surrounded by nature just a few steps away from the beach.


The new water park has slides that are perfect for your kids: the littlest ones will have fun on the animal-shaped slides, while older kids will find five bigger rounded slides where speed and water combine in a “splash” full of fun.



The new pool opened with a swim-up bar, which means you don’t have to get out of the pool to order and drink your favorite cocktail. Besides, you will be able to dance with our entertainment staff in the water aerobics lessons or challenge your friends at the fun contests hosted every day of the week.


7. We Launched Our New Sandos APP


This year we also began to use our own app so guests can check in without going to the lobby. Our guests are just loving it because it’s so easy to use, practical and fun.

Have you downloaded it yet? If you’re coming to Sandos soon, this might be the new thing you do for the year! The Sandos app  is available for Android and iPhone already.


8. Premiere of the Tribute to Shakira


Sandos Playacar has an amazing square called: LA GRAN PLAZA. This place is known for hosting the best entertainment for the whole family.

This last November, they made it big by introducing the new show: The Shakira Tribue. With dances, lights and the best singers in Playa del Carmen, families and friends are enjoying it from the first song to the last.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, you can catch it every Monday at 9:30pm at Sandos Playacar. And here, take a look of what you will be watching soon…



9. Love Won in 2018!


We celebrated more than 500 weddings at Sandos hotels this year… by cenotes or on the beach, but always with the best views and spectacular dinner receptions.


In fact, we kept the love going with celebrity weddings, like the one between Isabella and Gil Pinna. They had such a blast while sharing the best day of their lives with family and friends.



We were so honored with every single couple celebrating their love with us. Would you like to share yours with us this 2019? It’s quite easy, just click here.


10. Sandos Hotels in Spain Get Even More Eco-Friendly


You know our famous Sandos cup: reusable, practical and so environmentally friendly. This year Sandos El Greco, Sandos Benidorm, Sandos Monaco and Sandos San Blas joined us with this program. We also stopped using straws and plastic this year. Sandos Mexico started with these programs, and now all of us are working hard together to avoid pollution and create a new way of eco traveling.




11.  All Sandos Mexico Resorts Got Eco-Certified with Rainforest Alliance 

We’re proud to announce that Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort, Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos and Sandos Playacar Beach Resort have all received their first RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFICATION this year. These three hotels join the brand’s other Mexico-based property, Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, which has been recertified several years in a row and just received its highest ever score of 97.27% this year.


Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

This is such an important award for us. As you know, Sandos Hotels is always working to be a sustainable company where you’re helping the environment while you enjoy your vacation.


12. Bye Bye 2018

Sandos Hotels in Mexico and Spain are so ready to welcome the upcoming year, and every hotel is preparing THE PARTY of the year. Just check out our activity program.

Stay tuned for our pictures and videos of each hotel! (The only downside to this is that you’ll be wishing you were at your favorite Sandos.)

Also, even if you haven’t visited Sandos Cancun yet, you will love what we prepared for our guests… We don’t want to spoil the happy ending of 2018, but you’ll be so jealous you weren’t here that you’ll be clicking the button below… and will book your vacation for 2019!




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