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Sandos Caracol: An Eco Tour for Community Kids

Fun and education with the Sandos Foundation

This week, the Sandos Foundation invited a group of children to discover the beauty of the Riviera Maya at one of our hotels.

On Saturday, October 31 at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, we welcomed a group of children from communities in the southern part of our state of Quintana Roo. A total of 88 kids from 6 to 14 years old visited us at the hotel, accompanied by 14 teachers: some from the Emiliano Zapata school in the town of San Fernando, and others from the Netzahualcoyotl school in the town of Blanca Flor. Both of these communities are located in the municipality of Bacalar, Quintana Roo.

Some of these kids had never even seen the ocean before, so we knew that this day was going to be a truly special experience… for them, and for us as well.

We welcomed them with fanfare in the Sandos Caracol, where they arrived in two large buses. From the moment we saw the smiles on their faces, we knew it would be a day filled with fun and joy.

Kids visiting resort

Kids event Riviera Maya resort

First we served them a delicious breakfast with an ocean view! Our food and beverage department had prepared a meal for the kids at Riviera restaurant right on the beach, the ideal spot to enjoy a spectacular view. And breakfast turned out to be a much-needed part of the day because next we took the kids on an eco tour through the natural scenery of the property.

Eco Tour with the Kids

Those of you who have been to Sandos Caracol know that the hotel is surrounded by immense areas of natural beauty; here, visitors can explore stunning mangroves, tropical jungles and even natural cenotes, and on this big day the kids had the opportunity to uncover the mysteries hidden in the Riviera Maya. Our guides took them on a special eco tour where they learned the importance of our region’s ecosystems. First we walked them along the path through the mangrove, an ecosystem that’s home to many animal species, like the coatis, and also filters the underground water before it reaches the Caribbean Sea.

Afterwards, the kids met some of the animals living here at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, like the donkeys (rescue animals) and the white-tail deer, who are part of our reproduction program. All of the hotel’s animals get plenty of love and all the care they need to live happy and healthy.

Riviera Maya animals

At the end of the eco tour, the children visited our Cenote Cristalino, located next to thelobby bar. This natural phenomenon is something only found here in the Yucatan Peninsula. The region’s cenotes have fresh, crystal-clear water, and they’re connected to the peninsula’s huge underground river system. In addition to teaching the kids all about cenotes, they also had a chance to swim!

Riviera Maya eco tour for kids

Riviera Maya cenote

The Sandos Foundation

The goal of the Sandos Foundation is to work with the local community through diverse projects with our hotels, in addition to strengthening the area’s culture and history. We hope that the kids from Bacalar received all the knowledge they need to care for and respect nature in their own communities after their visit at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort.

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