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ATV in Los Cabos

Explore the Los Cabos Desert on an ATV

Hiring an ATV in Los Cabos is a great idea. The deserts of Los Cabos are filled with adventure just waiting to be explored! Rocky mountains and endless stretches of sand are home to all kinds of wildlife and cactus, the perfect place to get your adrenaline pumping with high speed ATV tours.

ATV in Los Cabos

You can experience an ATV race across the terrain just 30 minutes outside the destination of Cabo San Lucas, with thrilling guided tours that take you across vast expanses of barren desert, through cactus forests and even along some obstacle courses made out of sand. You’ll see towering hills, drive by incredible rock formations and kick up a lot of dust along the way.

ATV in Los Cabos

Depending on which tour you choose, you might even get to speed along the coasts of the Baja California Peninsula!

These beaches are lined with mountains and rocks, with wild and dangerous waters for jaw-dropping pictures, but no swimming.

Despite their intimidating appearance, ATVs are surprisingly easy to handle, even for beginners. By the end of a tour, you’ll be maneuvering the ATV like a pro!

On your next vacation at Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos, ask the concierge about the ATV tours available near the resort. It just might be the highlight of your trip!

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