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Don´t let incertitude stop you: Visit the Spa

Posted on 5 m read

Solve your doubts, beat the anxiety and get your first massage at the spa, your body and soul will be thankful

When going to the spa, it’s a fact that we’re expecting to enjoy a pleasant day full of aromatic scents, magical therapists and a relaxing escape where we will feel free and energized.

Well, the reality is that for some people, it’s quite the opposite. It might be we have never been to a spa, we had a bad experience, or we are just too caught up inside our own heads.

Spa treatments should not be a bad experience for anybody, so if you are having doubts about going to the spa, keep reading! It’s time for you to enjoy it as it is meant to be.

Pick the right treatment for you


Ask your spa concierge about what you need. When reading the web page or the spa menu at the hotel, the description for each massage or treatment might be quite explicit. However, each body is one of a kind. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions! In fact, if this is your first time using a spa, we recommend that you contact them via email; asking questions is usually easier by computer.


The first question they will ask you is if you have a physical condition, and the second one is if you prefer a male or female therapist: it’s very important that you make everything clear, otherwise it could affect your experience.

Be completely honest

Sometimes we are too shy to share our feelings or wishes. Spa del Mar is specialized not only in body treatments, but in soul and energy development. Therapists will feel more secure if you explain to them exactly what you want or need. Upon arrival, the spa receptionist will welcome you and ask you to fill out a form. The more you write about your preferences, the better your experience will be.


Sandos_Finisterra_Spa_42 (1)


Arrive an hour before your treatment


As soon as you stand in the entrance, the aromatherapy reaches your soul. Getting there in advance will give you a sense of serenity while you fill out your treatment form. You will be able to enjoy every moment Spa del Mar has prepared for you. Remember, their main purpose is to make you BE relaxed, so if you could make that feeling last any longer, wouldn’t you?




What should I wear?

After writing down your needs and preferences, a hostess will take you to a changing room where they will give you a key to the locker where you will leave your belongings:

REMEMBER: Leave valuables inside the locker.


They will also give you a bathrobe and slippers. At this point, our spa concierge will have explained to you the best clothes to wear, which is a two-piece swimsuit for women and comfortable shorts for men. This means that you do not necessarily have to be naked for this or any spa treatment in the world.



Enjoy the features and amenities


Some places around the world offer great massage treatments, some others like us offer a hydrotherapy spa experience. Now that you have arrived early with some time to spare, enjoy the features we have to offer.




Our expert advice is to “play” with the temperature of the water to relax the muscles and prepare yourself for the massage. The hydrotherapy circuit can be used as you prefer; however, this is the recommended order:

  1.  Pool
  2.   Sauna
  3.   Steam room
  4.  Jacuzzi





After immersing yourself in relaxation with our hydrotherapy options, the hostess will be waiting for you in the spa lobby to take you to the changing room as we mentioned before.

Then, they will take you to a waiting room surrounded by mystical scents and romantic lights. They serve aloe water and nuts; take some, listen to the music and free your spirit.




Etiquette rules during the spa treatment


Ok, so there’s no standard set of rules to follow, but it’s pretty normal to not know how to react when your therapist speaks to you in a soft tone.




When entering the massage cabin, the therapist will introduce him/herself and show you where to leave your bathrobe and locker key. They will go out for a minute so you can lie on the bed and cover yourself with the blanket; you should lie face-down and make yourself perfectly comfortable.




Your therapist will knock on the door to ask if you are ready, so they can begin your massage.

The idea is to maintain a calming mood, so we understand many people think you can’t speak during the massage (and you might even fall asleep); however, feel free (and we say this strongly) to stop your masseuse and communicate to them if something is hurting you. Usually on your form, we ask you to choose the pressure you’d like for your massage, but of course you might change your mind during the massage, especially if it’s too much pressure or if you feel ticklish! Do not be shy, we repeat:

Do not feel shy to express what you need.


Men are welcome, and they definitely deserve it!


For years, there has been this taboo of men going to a spa. Thankfully, marketing has helped men when it comes to feeling comfortable using the spa. We actually have spa treatments specially designed for men, and we hope that our above advice has made it clear how important it is to resolve any doubts before your massage, so you can use that information to get the perfect experience.

Sandos_Playacar_SPA_54 (1)

If you’re a man using a spa for the first time, don’t worry! Many men come to enjoy our facilities on their own. If you’re feeling insecure, we do offer couples massages, but we assure you that you’ll feel more and more relaxed every time you visit.

Whether you chose a 25-minute, 50-minute or 80-minute massage, we assure you that by the end of the spa treatment you will be asleep or on a whole other level of relaxation. To keep that balance in your spirit, the specialist will sound a little bell to indicate the massage has finished. Sometimes they speak slowly to explain he/she will be waiting for you outside. Take your time, put on your bathrobe and go back to enjoy another glass of aloe water.


When should I pay for the massage?


When staying at Sandos, you don’t need to worry about bringing money or your credit card to the spa. The amount will be charged to your room and you can pay at check-out.




If you have time, go back to the jacuzzi; there’s no limit to using it. In fact, come back the following day or any day during your stay, At Sandos . It is part of the all inclusive plan and will give your body the vacation it deserves.

Start using the spa, pamper your body and release your soul during every vacation at Sandos.


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