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How to get the best selfies at Los Cabos

Posted on 5 m read

We guide you step-by-step to teach you how to snap the best selfies during your vacation at Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos!


Whether you’re a millennial or not, we all want the best pics on our phone to share with everybody. Facebook and Twitter are great social networks, but Instagram is definitely our favorite app for capturing the perfect moment while on vacation.



But have you ever noticed that even when you follow the best Instagrammers in the world, your pics don’t turn out like theirs or don’t get the same number of likes? Today, that’s all about to change because you’ve already taken the first step: Booking your stay at Sandos Finisterra! Now, just take a look at the secret tricks influencers use to get the perfect photos.



Let’s just say you’ll be in the best place to practice your selfies. Have you seen Sandos Finisterra? There are tons of spots to take amazing photos, so throughout our step-by-step guide, you’ll have the benefit of a gorgeous location. But HEY! Don’t forget to let your viewers see the landscape. Sometimes we tend to focus on ourselves (because we’re so beautiful, of course), but our followers also want to know what we’re enjoying or the experience we’re having. You can let this happen by moving the camera as far as you can from your face using a selfie stick or the amazing timer.


Inspired yet?


Enjoy first, then take a selfie!


Don’t pose too much. Sometimes we try too hard, but the best pictures are the ones that come along while your just enjoying your day. In the end, these photos communicate the experience and the exact moment you’re being happy. So here comes the secret: Ask for a piña colada by the pool, and just as you’re feeling really relaxed… BOOM! Let the great moments come to you. We assure you that these photos are the ones that become most famous on Instagram and Facebook. You’re already on vacation, so go head, order the most colorful drink, try something new, and just enjoy!



Try an upward-angle shot to get the best mountain view!


Plus, the view from the resort’s pool area will be a big help. Take advantage of the rocky scenery to use the timer (if your phone isn’t water proof) and take the pic. Just make sure you’re not too close so that you don’t distort your silhouette. Just picture the moment, the drink, your bikini, the mountains, the sunshine… The likes will come raining down!


If you feel like you’re posing too much, just face away from the camera.

Your best angle


For this part, let’s make the best use of the Marina views at Sandos Finisterra. Just for using this panorama (plus your beautiful face), you’ll have a hundred likes! We all have a “best side”, right? (Or at least that’s what we believe.) Here, the secret is to take thousands of pictures… we’re not kidding! Click, click click! Try as many as you can, then take a break to let your eyes rest, and then choose the best one to share on your social networks. Our guests at Sandos often find their best angle while viewing the Marina around sunset (between 5pm and 7pm), and this brings us to our next tip…



Instagram and the sunrise


So far on this vacation, you’ve been sipping on margaritas and enjoying some nighttime shows on the Finisterra Terrace, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve watched the sunrise or the sunset, a must-shoot on your cell phone!


Hammocks are one of the top 5 places to take a selfie!


This selfie trick is a favorite for people visiting Los Cabos, but you’re staying at Sandos Finisterra, so you’ll have even better sunrise and sunset lighting. The hotel is located on a clifftop where you have the Marina on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, so the sun is always painting the sky with different colors throughout the resort (and your pictures). Now that we’re on the topic of colors, don’t mess up your pictures by going wild with too many Instagram filters. There’s a filter for every kind of photo, so just use the one that looks best. So… how many photos do you have so far?





Like we said before, don’t push yourself too hard, take thousands of pics, and just enjoy the moment. If you add in a nice smile and a sincere look, the ocean will be the only other thing you need to create the perfect photo atmosphere. Best of all: You’ll have a great time! These kinds of photos are probably the best way to reflect your vacation, and you’ll be able to share the essence of Los Cabos with your friends.


One extra tip is to jump on the beach! The smile comes included because it’s just so fun to jump on the sand. This photo shoot will turn out perfectly because Sandos Finisterra’s beach has mountains all around, and you’ll find plenty of stunning scenery before you even reach the ocean. (Remember, don’t get too close to the water! The waves are not swimmable.) Pictures of you in movement will give an added special touch to those Sandos Finisterra hashtags, which brings us to our next step for your Instagram posts:



Share your pics like a millennial


First, share that special moment with somebody else whenever possible. “Selfie” is a word we use when someone takes a picture of him/herself. After the tips we gave you, you won’t need anybody else to have the most stylish Instagram… but if you’re on vacation with your family, your friends, or that special someone, why not try a group photo? Remember, you can also get more likes by tagging your friends to reach a wider audience. Same with using good hashtags, so don’t forget the #Sandos


Lobby terrace at Sandos Finisterra


Let’s double check those steps: First book Sandos Fnisterra, enjoy every second there (alone or with somebody), play with your camera a thousand times and don’t look at the pics until you’re done, let the landscape come alive in your shootings, jump, do something fun with friends, and don’t forget to use the #SandosFinisterra and #Sandos hashtags in your pics.

Pics get better when you’re enjoying the moment!


Now you’re closer to being an influencer, so what are you waiting for? Start sharing your pics and comments, and wait for our next #SandosBLOG where we will share the best selfie spots for the Instagrammer you have inside.


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