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Sandos Playacar Experience what our guests think

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Sandos Playacar Experience what our guests think. When searching for the best vacation, what better way to find the perfect resort than getting in the minds of those who have experienced the hotel themselves? In this blog, we are going to discuss the things about Sandos Playacar that guests love the most. From waterparks to a beautiful white sand beach, find out what guests think about Sandos Playacar during their vacation to the mesmerizing white sands of the Riviera Maya. 

Sandos Playacar Experience Fun on the Beach!

If you are in search of the best beach vacation in Mexico, there is nothing like Sandos Playacar. This amazing hotel is situated on a seemingly endless white sand beach that lays in front of the turquoise tones of the Caribbean Sea. Guests at Sandos Playacar have the chance to both relax and have fun. Whatever they want to do, they will be able to encounter it. 

When guests aren’t relaxing and bathing in the sun on one of the many beach loungers, they are participating in one of the many activities parts of the All Playa Experience activities program. Some of the activities include: 

  • Beach volleyball 
  • Relays 
  • Cocktail demonstrations 
  • Competitions 
  • Zumba 
  • Yoga 
  • So much more 

If you want to get the full beach experience, make sure to check out the Sandos Stay App available on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Make the best out of your day at the beach with the All Playa Experience. 

Sandos Playacar Experience Splash Around 

Another great amenity guests love when staying at Sandos Playacar is the many pools to visit. The #1 option for families during their vacation who want to cool off is the family pool. This excellent pool area has something and more for the entire family. While the young kids are slipping and sliding in the mini-aqua park, the parents are enjoying their favorite cocktail in the infinity pool at the swim-up bar with the kids on site. 

What makes it even better is that guests never have to leave the area, even when hungry. This is because the family pool area at Sandos Playacar also has a grand snack bar buffet just steps away from the infinity pool. Guests can easily dry off, grab something to eat, and return to enjoying the fun. All of this is located just steps away from the beach. 

Special Areas for Children and Teens

One of the best things about vacations is the opportunity to get to know other guests and make friends from around the world. At Sandos Playacar, children and teens have the unique chance to meet people their age and continue enjoying their vacation with a friend by participating in all the games and activities available at the resort. 

Sandos Playacar offers the Sanditos Kids Club, where children can go play games, watch movies, do crafts, and more, all under the supervised care and attention of the Kids Club Staff. Additionally, teens also have the chance to meet new friends and have fun in the LITE Teens Club. Full of games and activities tailored to teens, we guarantee that they will have loads of fun all day. 

Sandos Playacar Experience Adults Only

Sandos Playacar Experience

While Sandos Playacar Experience is a family-oriented resort, they also have adult-only accommodations, areas, and specialized amenities. As part of the Select Club Accommodation Package, adult travelers get to enjoy exclusive bars with premium alcohol, private pool and beach areas, private restaurants, and more. Whether it is a day chilling by the beach or an afternoon in the fun-filled foam party in the adults-only pool, adult travelers have it all away from the kids. 

Delicious Buffet and Á La Carte Food Options 

Sandos Playacar Experience

What else does Sandos Playacar Experience offer that guests absolutely love? Maybe the most important thing about an all-inclusive vacation… The food! Sandos Playacar provides various cuisine options to please every palate in the morning, the afternoon and the evening. Food options include: 

  1. International buffet: The buffet is open morning, day, and night and has food from around the world. 
  2. Asiana – Savory food derived from all over the continent of Asia. 
  3. Gourmex: Authentic Mexican cuisine
  4. Il Piemonte: Exquisite Italian-style dishes 
  5. El Gaucho: Argentinean steak house 
  6. Fogo de Janeiro: Brazilian-rodizio style restaurant 

Nighttime Performance 

After a day full of fun and relaxation under the sun, following a filling dinner, guests fall in love with the various nighttime performances at Sandos Playacar. Each night, there is a different performance. These include: 

  1. Circus elite 
  2. Tribute to Shakira 
  3. Cultural Mexican performance, the Heart of Mexico 
  4. Coco/Beauty of the Beast 
  5. 80’s Show 
  6. Tribute to Michael Jackson
  7. Pirate Beach Party 

It is important to remember that these performances are subject to change, so before you book your stay, make sure to check on the Sandos Playacar Experience website to make sure which will be there. 

Additional Activities To Enjoy 

There is so much more than the beach and pool at Sandos Playacar Experience. Guests love having many different things to do during the day and night. Some of these extra activities are the 18-hole mini-golf course, bike rental, tennis and basketball courts, and the billiards and foosball table area, among others. No matter if guests are in the sea, on the beach, in the pool, or hanging around the resort, they will always find something to do to make their experience truly unforgettable. 

Family and Adult Accommodation Options 

Sandos Playacar Experience

As the day comes to an end, guests can look forward to enjoying a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep in their spacious room or suite. With various options for families in the family area and adults in the adult-only section, guests are guaranteed to find their home away from home. For a full list of all of Sandos Playacar’s room options, click here and pick the one that best suits all of your needs. 

So, now that you know what guests think and love about Sandos Playacar Experience, are you ready to book your next dream vacation to the Mexican Riviera Maya? Book now, and you can save big by taking advantage of one of the main deals available. 

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